Skin Cleansing Methods

Skin cleansing methods

Among the ways of cleansing or peeling the skin, we can mention incense, financial oil, using a mask, etc., that each person can use cleansing methods according to the type of skin. The first recommendation is to avoid eating unhealthy foods, smoking and exposure to stress. Also, eating fruits and vegetables and drinking enough water helps keep the skin healthy and fresh.

The first step of face cleansing

First, wash your face with water and then clean with a cotton ball and cleansing milk.

Instead of cleansing milk, you can use available natural products.

For example, use milk for dry skin, lemon juice for oily skin, and yogurt for normal skin.

Just be sure to pull the cotton from the bottom to up in all steps on your skin.


The second stage

Clean the entire surface of the skin with a cotton ball and lotion or tonic suitable for your skin type.

Natural lotions are suitable for all skin types like Chicory sweat.


The third stage

Gently massage your face with two fingers for a few minutes.

This action improves blood flow to the skin and gives freshness and beauty to the face.

It is also unique for strengthening facial muscles and preventing skin sagging and wrinkles.

You can use massage oil or baby oil to do this.

Massaging the skin without using oil will damage your skin.

Keep in mind that you should use clean, disinfected dishes with white alcohol.

Wash your hands well before you start, make sure you use the right oil for your skin type.


The fourth stage

Steaming the skin cleans the skin pores deeply and removes excess dust and oil from skin.

Improves the blood circulation of the skin and prepares the skin for deep cleansing with special compounds.

Steam the normal and dry skin for 5 minutes and 10 minutes for oily skin.

Of course, if you use water without plant ingredients, this time will increase.


The fifth stage

Slowly remove blackheads with your well-cleaned and disinfected fingers.

To do this, you can use a special device that has a round head and is designed for this purpose.

To remove the white head acne, use an alcohol-based needle.

At the end, be sure to disinfect your face with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.


The sixth stage

Now you should put a paste or powder mask or herbal mask on your face for 20 minutes and then wash your face with fresh water.


The seventh stage

It is necessary to use a moisturizing cream at the end. Choose the cream according to your skin type.

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