Botox Injection in Iran

Botox is actually the brand name “Clostridium botulinum” which is made by Allergan the American company. In other countries, this drug is produced with other names, the most reliable which is available in Iran is called Disport and made by Epson, the British company and approved by the US FDA organization. It should be noted that Dysport is now considered as the best drug in the United States and it is the reliable one than American Botox.

In medicine, certain amounts of pure and sterile Botox are used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. After Botox injections at Irsa clinic in Shiraz at determined sites by a professional doctor, the drug begins to break down, causing muscle relaxation by reducing muscle movement through the nerve impulse block and paralyzing the muscle, causing the skin surface to gradually smooth out and moderate to severe wrinkles disappear. Depending on the duration of the drug and the doctor’s opinion, the intervals of drug injection are determined.

Get rid of wrinkles with BOTOX in Iran

Botox applications in Iran

Botox applications in Shiraz can be divided into two categories: therapeutic and cosmetic.

Therapeutic applications of Botox injections in Iran:

Treatment of migraines and tension headaches;

Treatment of excessive sweating (armpits, palms, soles of the feet)

Facial asymmetry treatment;

Prevention of Keloid in skin surgeries;

Eliminate bruxism (teeth grinding) by reducing the volume of muscles responsible for chewing;

Backache treatment

Treatment of curvature in neck by relieving neck muscle contraction (torticollis)

Treatment of excessive and uncontrollable blinking (Blepharospasm);

Treatment of neck spasms;

Relief of muscle stiffness and spasm after stroke;

Relieve muscle stiffness and spasm caused by Parkinson’s and cerebral palsy

Treatment of eye muscle disorders such as laziness;

Treatment of anal fissure;

Treatment of overactive bladder and enlarged prostate;

Prevention of capsule contraction in people with breast prosthesis;

Treatment of sagging breasts;

Finally, the required dose of Botox, the correct injection sites, the number of injections, etc. depend on the condition of each patient and this should only be done by a specialist doctor.

Application of Botox injection in Iran Shiraz:

Wrinkles appear over time due to various factors such as cellular changes, decreased skin collagen production, free radical damage, exposure to sunlight, stress, etc. Meanwhile, the use of Botox can help rejuvenate and rejuvenate the skin by eliminating dynamic wrinkles (caused by muscle movement);

Prevent the development of static wrinkles (due to reduced skin elasticity);

Improve the sagging of the lower part of the face along with the injection of fillers and fat

Reducing or removing the frown line;

Removing wrinkles in the neck, chin and around the lips;

Lift drooping mouth corners;

Removing lines around the eyes

Improving face and eyebrow condition (eyebrows lift)

Prevent the gummy smile;

Lifting the tip of the nose

Excessive sweating treatment in Iran

What areas are suitable for Botox injections in Iran:

Frown lines

Forehead horizontal lines

Wrinkles around the eyes

Neck wrinkles

Smile lines

Benefits of Botox in Iran Shiraz:

An effective method of Botox injection in Shiraz to rejuvenate and beautify the skin of the face and body has advantages such as:

1) No need for hospitalization and anesthesia

2) Non-invasive method

3) Less cost than cosmetic surgery

4) Without a recovery period

5) Very little pain

6) Patient comfort after Botox injections in Shiraz

7) Observe the result of the operation immediately after the injection

How much does Botox cost in Iran 2023?

A large contributing factor to Botox prices especially in which area you desire to have the Botox injection and your desired results, varying costs and units.

Some varying unit needs by area and your doctor injects Botox based on your muscle strength which includes:

Forehead: Around 20 units of the forehead lines can take, while glabellar lines (wrinkles between the eyes) can take up to 40 units.

Eyebrows: For a Botox brow lift around 4 to 8 units can elevate the outer brow, eye area, and crow’s feet, also called lateral canthal lines which require up to 24 units.

Nose: The nose requires around 2 units to provide a lifting effect to the tip of the nose and Botox can be injected to both sides of the nose to limit its movement during laughing.

The Botox cost range for face is the between 100$ to 120$ at Irsa clinic

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Is Botox injection painful?

In this method, the smallest needles are used, and the drug itself is not as painful as local anesthetics. The injection pain is less than filler injection. The pain of the injection can be reduced by using an ice pack before the injection.

How long does Botox last?

The effect starts a few days after the injection and reaches its maximum within 2 weeks. Muscle paralysis lasts about 3 to 7 months after the first injection.

What is the minimum time interval between two injections?

The interval between two injections should not be less than 3 months.

What are the authentic brands of Botox?

Standard brands have very rare side effects, but invalid brands may cause various side effects, including anaphylaxis shock (severe reaction to Botox during injection), sensitivity and severe redness, or drooping eyelids. Currently, the reputable brands owned by Iran’s Ministry of Health are Dysport, Neuronox and Masport.

What are the therapeutic uses of Botox?

Improvement of migraine headaches, reduction of excessive sweating of palms, feet and armpits, regulation of heart rate, treatment of urinary incontinence by injecting into the bladder, the enlarged prostate gland problem among men, the Botox injection causes to shrink the gland and the frequency of urination.

When can Botox injections be repeated?

This depends on the duration of the effect, maybe in some people the duration of Botox is shorter than in another, so the injections should be done at shorter intervals.

Can the Botox area be massaged after injection?

You should not do this in any condition because the Botox substance may be transferred to other areas of the muscle and cause side effects.

Is Botox injection allowed during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Any beauty procedure during pregnancy and breastfeeding may harm the baby, so as much as possible, do not use laser hair removal, Botox injection, laser skin rejuvenation, etc. during this period.

If the Botox wears off, does my facial muscles droop more than before?

In any case, this belief is common due to the fact that for a while under the influence of Botox, a people do not have a major movement in the injection site and feels heaviness and stretching, and when the effect of the drug wears off, they lose this feeling.