Eyebrow transplantation in Iran Shiraz

The eyebrows have a crucial role in the beauty, which help you look and feel younger especially the thick density of increase youth feeling. In addition to its beauty aspect, which strengthens people’s self-confidence, eyebrows prevent external factors such as water drops and sweat from entering the eyes, and both eyebrows and eyelashes act as a filter against direct sunlight and prevent which is caused by eye damage from sunlight.

For this reason, the adherence of having wide and relatively thick eyebrows is increasing among women and even men. In the meantime, many people use solutions such as eyebrow tattooing or microblading, which are not recommended due to their temporary nature, unnatural appearance, use of chemical dyes, limited eyebrow models, pain, and risks. It should be noted that tattoos cannot be removed as easily as on the first day, so be careful in your choice and research before doing any activities such as the ones mentioned. Fortunately, with the advancement of science and medicine, the permanent method of eyebrow implantation in Iran is completely practical and safe for people who are interested in having completely natural and thick eyebrows. In this article, the cause of eyebrow loss, the method of eyebrow transplantation, suitable candidates for eyebrow implantation, its benefits and… to get more detailed information in this field and take your decision with more certainty.

Eyebrows transplant in Iran

Eyebrow hair loss treatment

Each eyebrow hair falls out on average once every 4 months and a new hair will replace. Many people do not have eyebrows hair re-growth due to various reasons therefore, this causes thinning of the eyebrow hair. The treatment of eyebrow loss depends on the below mentioned causes which are divided into two categories:

  • Background diseases
  • Scars, such as injuries caused by accidents or burns
Do eyebrow transplants look natural?

In the case that the eyebrows recover after removing the background diseases, there is no need to take any action other than the treatment of the main disease, but in cases where the scar remains on the eyebrows, more treatment measures are needed. In other words, if the cause of eyebrow hair loss in people is local diseases, the first step is treatment, by successful treatment the large amount of hair will regrow. If these hairs do not grow back or the cause of eyebrow loss is heredity, eyebrow transplantation should be done.

The eyebrow loss causes

Eyebrows may become sparse and thin due to natural reasons such as ageing, or they may be damaged due to the following reasons:

  • Trauma or impact through injury, accident, burn, chemicals, electrocution, radiotherapy, etc.
  • Congenital and genetic hair loss
  • Skin and hair diseases such as alopecia areata
  • Removing eyebrows in women or men in the long period
  • Hair pulling disorder (trichotillomania)
  • Hormonal diseases such as hypothyroidism
  • Eyebrows surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Inappropriate feeding
  • Stress
  • Tattoo

Am I a candidate for an eyebrow transplant in Iran?

First of all, the cause of the eyebrow hair loss should be investigated, because in some cases, without treatment, even eyebrow transplantation cannot be a permanent treatment, and there is a possibility that the transplanted eyebrow hair will fall out if the disease is not treated.

How much does eyebrow transplant cost in Iran?

The best candidates for eyebrow transplant are those who

  • Do not have eyebrows at all
  • Have completely lost a part of the eyebrow
  • Have healthy skin in the area that needs to be transplanted

Most of the clients for eyebrow transplant are women who have lost their eyebrow hair due to too much or improper shaving or have thin eyebrows. In most cases, these people tattoo their eyebrows to compensate for their thin eyebrows, so we deal with two situations:

  • People who are satisfied with their tattoo and want to do eyebrow transplant in the tattoo place, in this case, the transplant will be done on the place where the tattoo was designed.
  • People who are unhappy with their tattoo and want to erase it and then do eyebrow transplant with another design. In this case, it is suggested to do the implantation first, and after they are sure of the result of the implantation and final growth of transplanted eyebrows, they should try to remove the tattoo so as not to damage the skin of the area due to the removal of the tattoo before implantation.

Be careful that in both mentioned cases, the number of times the tattoo or its repair is very important and the type of eyebrow skin at the implant site should be checked by a doctor in advance, because whatever the skin of the tattoo area is due to the repair of the tattoo or even if the removal of the tattoo has become thicker or in other words damaged, the probability that there is a need for repair or another eyebrow transplant.

Benefits of eyebrow transplant in Iran Shiraz

Eyebrow transplant in Shiraz Iran is a permanent way to have beautiful and thick eyebrows. This method will increase the beauty and attractiveness of the face and get rid of the worry of drawing pencil on the eyebrows and erasing in different situations. In addition, compared to other methods such as tattoos, it has a completely natural appearance and does not involve the risk of contracting transmitted diseases.

Natural Eyebrow Transplant Procedure at Irsa clinic in Shiraz city

What is natural eyebrow transplant in Iran?

Eyebrow transplant in Shiraz is a cosmetic procedure that is performed using local anesthesia. In this procedure, hair grafts are generally taken from the hair bank, which are not affected by hair loss genetic, and are transferred to the eyebrow area. Hair graft or hair follicle means one or more strands of hair that grow from a point and their bulbs together in one place. The transfer of hair follicles to the eyebrow makes the implanted strands grow and look completely natural forever.

Eyebrow transplant in Iran-Irsa clinic

The best result of eyebrow transplant in Iran

Among the features that can be used to decide on the quality and final result of the eyebrow transplant in Iran, the attention and precision of the transplant team in the eyebrow transplant process is that the proficiency of doctors and growth of the eyebrow is completely different. It should also be noted that unlike head hairs that grow vertically in relation to the scalp, eyebrow hairs grow horizontally in relation to the facial skin, for this reason, the doctor’s attention to the angle of eyebrow growth in order to have a natural and desirable appearance is very important.

Achieve Natural Looking Eyebrows

Furthermore, unlike head hairs that grow in bunches i.e. 2, 3 or even 4, eyebrow hairs grow single by strand and there is a big difference between the growth cycle of head and hair in terms of time.

Also, the thickness of the new eyebrows should be known so that no mistakes are made during the harvesting and transfer of hair follicles and a sufficient number of hair grafts are used.

In addition to these, the form of natural eyebrow implantation in Shiraz will be different among people according to the anatomy of their face and to some extent the personal taste. This is the reason why eyebrow transplantation in Shiraz requires a high level of experience as well as great care of specialists in this field.

In fact, one of the most important things that is done in the consultation sessions before eyebrow implantation in Iran is eyebrow morphology. The meaning of morphology is the precise identification of eyebrow characteristics, which is very effective in creating a favorable appearance after implantation. Therefore, in the meetings sessions before eyebrow implantation at Irsa clinic in Shiraz, the best model will be determined according to the doctor’s experience and the composition and shape of your face, as well as your proposed model. In the morphological process, the following are determined:

  • The current state of the eyebrow and its final state
  • The right angle and the right place for implanting grafts in the eyebrow
  • The starting point of implantation, which makes the implanted eyebrows not too close or too far apart
  • The end point of planting, this point should not extend to the temples or be close to the side of the face
  • The location of the eyebrow bend, which is the most important part of the eyebrow and has a great impact on the face. If the eyebrow curve is too high or low, it gives the person’s face a surprised, angry or upset expression, which is not pleasant at all.

Eyebrow transplant methods in Iran

Today, due to the progress of medical science, eyebrow transplantation is done by various methods, but among the methods that have always brought reliable, safe and acceptable results, the following can be mentioned:

Eyebrow transplant by FUT method in Iran

The method of extracting hair from hair bank and performing implantation in the designated area is called follicular unit transplantation (FUT) in the medical term. In FUT hair transplantation, which is performed under local anesthesia, a narrow strip with a maximum width of 2 cm and a length of 25 cm is extracted from the hair bank, and then the skin of the back of the head is stretched slightly and then It is stitched by the implant team.

Advantages of FUT eyebrow transplantation in Shiraz Iran

  • FUT eyebrow transplantation allows the transfer of a large number of hair grafts to your eyebrow. Therefore, after eyebrow transplant, you will have a beautiful face with thick eyebrows.
  • Strip hair removal makes the middle follicles completely healthy and you don’t have to worry about damaging a large number of hair follicles.
  • Due to the fact that the harvested hair strip consists of hair loss-resistant parts at hair bank and these areas have high resistance and genetic and environmental have less effect on them, they can provide permanent eyebrows for they will bring you to keep your plumpness for the rest of your life.
  • If the implantation is done in a standard and skillful way, you will have completely natural and beautiful eyebrows that no one will notice that they were implanted, and you will give yourself the gift of youth and beauty.

Eyebrow transplant in Shiraz by FUT needling method

At Irsa clinic in Iran, with expert doctors and experienced technicians and by using the best knowledge and equipment in the world, we offer you eyebrow transplant services using the FUT needling method. In this method, which is offered exclusively by the Irsa clinic in Shiraz Iran, the best-known clinic in the south of Iran, after removing the hair sheet from the hair bank or donor area, the grafts are grafted according to the natural angle of the eyebrow with maximum density in the eyebrow area using very thin needles.

In fact, the use of very fine needles causes hair follicles to be implanted in the eyebrow area close to the surface of the skin and the implanted hairs grow on the surface of the skin like eyebrow hairs.

Also, the most important issue in eyebrow implantation in Shiraz is to maintain the direction of sleep or the natural growth according to the eyebrow’s shape, and doing this requires the surgeon to skillfully determine the angle of implantation of each hair in order to finally achieve the arched appearance of the eyebrow and the convergence of the upper and lower eyebrow hairs. To be observed completely naturally.

Men’s Eyebrow Transplant

Advantages of getting eyebrow transplant in Shiraz by FUT needling method

In this article we intend to give you a brief information about getting eyebrow transplantation at Irsa hair transplant and dermatology clinic in Iran which is the newest method in eyebrow transplant for the first time in Shiraz city, the benefits of eyebrow transplant are as follow:

  • The eyebrows will not become sharp and shoulder-shaped and will have a completely natural effect.
  • Determining the eyebrow design according to your eyebrow shape
  • Eyebrow implantation with maximum possible density
  • The most natural eyebrow hair growth
  • The naturalness of the growth direction and angle of the hair implanted in the eyebrow
  • Permanent eyebrow
  • Eyebrow implantation at Irsa clinic in Shiraz is painless (with local anesthesia) and little bleeding

Steps of eyebrow implantation in Iran Shiraz

By eyebrow implantation you do not need to visit your doctor foe several sessions. The eyebrow transplant is done after providing the necessary consultations and deciding on the final plan chosen by the applicant and the doctor. It will only take 5-6 hours. Of course, this period may vary from 200 to 300 depending on the number of follicles required for implantation and the extent of implantation, which will affect the implantation time as well. In general, natural eyebrow transplantation in Shiraz is an outpatient procedure without anesthesia and the recovery period is not difficult.

  What are the Stages Of eyebrow transplantation in Iran?

  • Eyebrow design: the eyebrow design is based on the clients’ interests. The art and elegance of the doctor is very important at this stage to create symmetry in the eyebrows and make them look natural.
  • Extraction of hair grafts: In this step, the doctor extracts hair grafts from the hair bank as described in the FUT method. Each eyebrow needs 100 to 350 grafts for implantation.
  • Implantation of grafts: then the grafts harvested from the donor area are carefully placed in the designated areas, taking into account the angle and direction of hair growth. Eyebrow hairs come out from the skin at an angle of about 15 degrees. A change in this angle causes the eyebrow hairs to come out unnaturally and does not create a beautiful appearance. Those with curly hair may also face this problem.
Is eyebrow hair transplant possible?

Recovery and pre-eyebrow transplant care in Iran Shiraz

If you want to have a comfortable and high-quality operation, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

  • Conducting necessary tests such as hepatitis, AIDS, lung scan and PCR for corona test, to know about body general conditions.
  • Consult with your doctor in order to achieve your desired result
  • Inform your doctor if you are taking certain medications
  • Bath daily a few days before eyebrow transplant, if you have oily hair and skin
  • Pay attention to your diet. Include a variety of vitamins, especially B group vitamins and proteins such as fish, whole grain rice, eggs, beans, etc. in your diet.

Post-eyebrow transplant care in Iran Shiraz

  • The most important point after hair transplant in Iran is to avoid getting your eyebrows wet. Not getting wet allows the eyebrows to be in the right orientation and grow easily.
  • To avoid possible complications of eyebrow implantation, such as bleeding, swelling or infection, avoid heavy activities and sports for three weeks after implantation.
  • Healthy nutrition is very important for eyebrow hair growth. Consuming sufficient protein and vitamins and using plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet can be effective in growing and strengthening eyebrows after eyebrow implantation in Iran. Usually, after eyebrow implantation in Shiraz, strengthening tablets are prescribed by the doctor.
  • It is better to avoid makeup on the face and eyebrows for at least one week after the operation. Because these substances may have harmful effects on the skin and transplanted hair.
  • Implanted hairs are growable and permanent like head hairs. Therefore, if it is messy, you can correct the eyebrows or shorten them. Just note that in the first weeks, avoid plucking the implanted hair with your hands or tweezers.

Does eyebrow transplant have risks and complications?

If eyebrow transplant in Shiraz is done in full compliance with health standards and principles and by an expert and experienced medical team, it will not bring any risk or serious complications. But this method, like all other beauty procedures, can also have temporary side effects, which include:

  • Very slight swelling and bruising
  • Minor wound in the implant area
  • Redness in the eyebrow area
  • Scaling of the implanted area
  • Inflammation of hair follicles in the implantation area
  • Temporary shedding in the donor area
  • Itchy sensation in the implant or donor area for 1 or 2 days, which is relieved by the prescribed ointment.
  • Slight pain that will be relieved by pain killers prescribed by the doctor.

These side effects are normal and temporary. But there are some complications that are caused by the lack of expertise of the doctor and cause many problems for the person. The serious risks of eyebrow implantation by a non-specialist include:

  • Unpleasant and unnatural appearance of eyebrows
  • Misalignment of eyebrows
  • Instead of leaving a scar in the eyebrow area
  • Color difference between implanted eyebrows and natural eyebrows
  • Risk of bleeding after eyebrow transplant
  • Incidence of infection after eyebrow implantation
  • Permanent numbness in the implant area and nerve damage

It is recommended that you make sure of the accuracy of the clinic and the doctor you have chosen for eyebrow implantation before making a decision to avoid dangerous complications of implantation.

Age for eyebrow transplant in Iran

Since the pattern of eyebrow loss has not been established before the age of 18, and it is not possible to accurately determine which areas should be transplanted, and also considering the peak of hair and eyebrow loss from age of 18 to 22, it is recommended for a better result of eyebrow transplant, people after the age of 22 years should do eyebrow transplant.

Eyebrow transplant recovery in Shiraz

Eyebrow implantation in shiraz is done using delicate and advanced tools; For this reason, the recovery period is short and you can do your daily activities 48 hours after eyebrow transplant. Of course, you should avoid vigorous activities or heavy sports for a few weeks after the implantation.

Almost three weeks after the operation All implanted hairs will be lost. But the implanted follicles start to grow again after three to four months and become thicker from the sixth month onwards. The best time to see the full result of eyebrow transplant is one year after the operation.

Why Irsa Clinic is the best choice for eyebrow transplant in Iran Shiraz?

Irsa clinic with more than 10 years of successful experience in the field of hair and eyebrow transplantation and having an official license from the Ministry of Health and Treatment and fully complying with health standards and principles is one of the most reliable and best skin and hair clinics in Iran and in Shiraz city.  In this clinic, with the use of expert staff, experienced and familiar with today’s technologies in the field of hair transplant and eyebrow transplant in Iran, we can witness a completely natural result, with the highest possible density and long lasting. The satisfaction of more than 90% of customers of Irsa clinic during its 10-year life shows the good quality of the clinic’s services in the field of eyebrow transplantation. Also, following up the treatment process by committed and professional consultants and accompanying them with you up to ow year after the implantation is one of the duties that Irsa Group for your satisfaction.

Eyebrow transplant cost in Iran Shiraz

Estimating the cost of eyebrow transplant is a difficult task because it depends on many factors and variables. The basis of the area to be operated, the thickness and density of the eyebrow, as well as the number of grafts required to achieve a natural appearance after the operation, are among the factors affecting the cost of eyebrow transplantation in Shiraz. The eyebrow transplant surgery at Irsa clinic cost about 600$ to 1200$. To receive advice on how to calculate hair transplant costs or to book an appointment in Irsa hair and skin clinic, you can contact our friendly consultation team on WhatsApp: 00989170626693


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Where do they get the hair for eyebrow transplant in Shiraz? And how long does it take to harvest the hair?

For eyebrow transplant in Shiraz, we use the hair from donor area which is located at the back of your head and then transplanted in the eyebrows. The approximate time of this operation usually takes between 2 and 4 hours.

Why do we need an expert and skilled team for eyebrow transplant in Iran?

It is also very important to know that this operation is actually an artistic method, and in this method, the doctor or the medical team of the surgeon, before starting the eyebrow transplantation, designs the eyebrows separately based on important factors such as: the face type, facial features and especially the results you want according to your personal preference. In addition, there are several important factors that an eyebrow transplant specialist should pay attention to, such as: the type of eyebrow arch, the appropriate thickness of the hair, the distance between the eyebrows, and the length of the eyebrows that are considered for treatment.

How long does it take to recover after eyebrow transplant in Shiraz?

Recovery after using this treatment method is fast and painless, although there is a possibility of swelling and bruising around the eyes for 3 to 4 days after the surgery, but on the fifth day, o sign of eyebrow implantation will remain. The new eyebrow will attract attention to others.

Is eyebrow transplant in Iran a permanent procedure? And when are the final results visible?

The results of a full or partial eyebrow transplant are permanent, but it takes time to see the final results of the treatment. Immediately after surgery, changes in the appearance and density of the eyebrows are visible, but many of the implanted hairs fall out within two weeks. This condition is completely normal and there is no need to worry about it. In fact, this eyebrow shedding is a part of the recovery process after eyebrow transplant, and the growth of hair starts again at the place of their implantation. It usually takes 12 months to see the full results of this treatment. The implanted hairs continue to grow over time, and for this reason, it is necessary to correct the appearance of the eyebrows once a month. This maintenance should be done regularly so that the appearance of the eyebrows can be maintained in a good and appropriate way.

How much does eyebrow transplant cost in Iran?

The cost of surgery varies according to the amount of eyebrows hair loss and your favorite design. And for more information about the cost, you can send your inquiry on Irsa clinic email or WhatsApp 00989170626693.