Titanium laser for hair removal in Iran

It is hair removal in Shiraz that offers the ability to reduce and even permanently remove hair by using laser light. This technology uses high-power lasers to accurately and selectively interact with the hair structure and has become one of the most popular hair removal methods due to its high speed and great efficiency. Titanium laser is not only effective in removing hair but also has advantages such as minimal side effects and the possibility of using it on sensitive skin areas. This method is presented as a modern and permanent solution for those who are looking to remove unwanted hair and improve the appearance of their skin. In this article, the advantages, applications, and important points that you should know about titanium lasers for hair removal are discussed.

How the titanium laser device works

The titanium laser device emits light absorbed by the melanin in the hair. This light is converted to heat, which selectively heats the papilla and damages the hair follicle. With the loss of the hair follicle in the body, the production of new hair stops; But some hair follicles are at the end of their cycle and are not attached to the papilla. Therefore, the laser does not affect this type of unwanted hair. The effectiveness of the laser hair removal device depends on the growth stage of the hair follicle.

Why titanium laser device?

Soprano ice titanium laser device. Titanium laser is one of the most powerful and up-to-date laser hair removal devices in the world. Today, this device has become one of the most reliable and popular laser hair removal devices due to its unique features and special capabilities.

This device with its powerful American laser bar and support for all 3 wavelengths of Alexandrite, Diode, and ND-YAG covers all skin color spectrums and can perform satisfactorily to remove unwanted hair from people with white and fair skin to people with tanned and dark skin.

Advantages of titanium laser device

Titanium laser is one of the laser hair removal technologies. This technology has some special advantages, some of which are mentioned below:

High precision: Titanium laser has a very high precision in removing unwanted hair and damages the surrounding skin as little as possible.

High efficiency: Due to the high power of the laser produced by the device, the titanium laser is well suited for removing unwanted hair in different areas of the body, including the face, legs, hands, and many other places.

High speed: this technology can remove hair automatically and at high speed. Therefore, for large areas of the body, such as the legs, this method is recognized as a fast and efficient option.

Reduction of discomfort and pain: Titanium laser has a cooling system that provides more comfort to the patient and minimizes pain.

Minimal side effects: Due to its mechanism, the titanium laser helps to reduce the possibility of causing damage to the skin around the hair.

Permanent results: compared to other hair removal methods such as waxing or waxing, titanium laser can lead to more permanent results. Some people may need to repeat the sessions, but after a few sessions, the hair growth is drastically reduced.

No chemicals: Since the titanium laser uses laser light to remove hair, it is done without the use of any chemicals on the surface of the skin, which some people prefer.

Can be used in sensitive areas: this technology can be used in sensitive areas of the skin due to its high accuracy and the possibility of controlling the laser light.

For the best results and to avoid any skin problems, it is important that this technology is performed by professionals and experienced people in specialized environments. Also, some people may not be suitable for this method due to their skin characteristics or certain health problems, so it is important to get advice from a dermatologist before using the technicians of this device or in case of a serious problem.

Disadvantages of titanium laser device

Among the disadvantages of the titanium laser device, the following can be mentioned:

• Rubbing and contact with the skin surface when performing laser

• Less favorable response for thin and fluffy hair

• Existence of similar low-quality copying and assembly devices in Iran

Be careful that attention to the originality of the device and the experience of the technician performing the laser is very important and effective points in the final result of this laser.

The number of sessions required to remove unwanted hair with a titanium laser device

You should know that only one laser session does not remove unwanted body hair, but you can see the effect of laser in the first session. For people to see the permanent effect of this device, it is necessary to visit the relevant centers for at least 6 to 8 sessions. By the end of sessions, rarely, you can find excess hair on the body.

Care after titanium laser

Following the titanium laser session, following special precautions will help to recover faster and reduce the possibility of complications. Here are some cares after a titanium laser session:

Applying ice: Immediately after the laser session, applying an ice pack to the affected area can help prevent swelling and pain.

Use of anti-inflammatory creams: The use of anti-inflammatory creams or gels is usually recommended to reduce the possibility of sensitivity and inflammation.

· Avoiding the sun: After the laser session, the skin becomes very sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, be sure to avoid direct contact with the sun or use sunscreen creams with a high protection factor.

· Avoid heavy physical activities: Postpone sports activities or heavy physical activities in the early days after the session as much as possible.

· Avoid touching the skin: the skin may be sensitive after the laser session. Therefore, avoid touching or pulling new hairs too much.

· Water consumption: drinking a lot of water helps to improve and recover the skin faster. Make sure you drink enough water.

Follow up with your doctor: Report any concerns or unusual symptoms after your laser session to your doctor or laser technician. This can help in early detection of any problems that may have arisen.

Side effects of titanium laser device

Using a titanium laser to remove unwanted hair, like any other laser device, may have side effects. Some of these side effects may be temporary and improve over time. But in some rare cases, more serious complications may occur. Some possible side effects include:

Redness and swelling: After a laser session, redness and swelling may occur in the affected area. These issues usually improve over time.

Tenderness and pain: Some people may experience tenderness and mild pain in the area that was created with the laser.

Skin discoloration: In some cases, skin color may change, especially if the skin is dark. These changes may be temporary or permanent.

Intensification of unwanted hair: In some people, laser stimulation may cause more unwanted hair to grow instead of reducing it.

Damage to the skin: Improper use of the laser may damage the skin and cause burns.

Inflammatory symptoms: In some cases, inflammatory symptoms such as itching or pain may last longer than usual.

Infection: Any skin intervention, including laser, may increase the risk of infection.

Skin spots: In some people, skin spots may develop.

Be sure to consult a doctor or expert experienced with titanium laser before deciding on laser sessions to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of this method and get professional advice for hair removal according to your skin and hair type. become

Can dark people be lasered with the Soprano Ice Titanium laser device?

This device supports different wavelengths, including ND Yag (1064 nm), which is a powerful wavelength that can penetrate the deep parts of the skin and target deep hair follicles and completely remove the function. Remove excess hair in dark-skinned people.

How does the titanium laser device remove unwanted hair?

This device supports all three wavelengths of alexandrite (755 nm), diode (808 nm) and NDYAG (1064 nm) and can target different depths of the dermis layer and destroy the follicles by generating heat around the hair follicles. and hair loss in all skin types. Also, this device with a power of 4200 watts can bring a powerful performance to the device with the support of the power of powerful handpieces up to 2000 watts.


Titanium laser is known as an effective option in removing unwanted hair with high precision and efficiency and reducing pain and discomfort during the laser session. However, in order to have better results and avoid any complications, it is always recommended to consult an experienced doctor or laser technician and follow the precautions. These people evaluate the condition of your skin and hair and provide you with the necessary guidance related to it.

Visit a dermatologist

It is recommended to consult a dermatologist. They can introduce you to specific tips and products to solve this problem.

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