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Irsa Clinic is a hair transplant, dermatology, and beauty platform in Iran aiming to help people all around the globe to receive unique medical services in Iran.

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Irsa dermatology and hair transplant clinic

With the most experienced medical staff in the fields of:

  • All kinds of rejuvenation and beauty methods such as filler and Botox injections, fat injections, lasers, etc.
  • Treatment of skin problems and complications, removal of pimples
  • All hair, eyebrow, beard, mustache and eyelash transplant services
  • Hair removal lasers such as Alexandrite Candela, Diode, ND-YAG
  • All kinds of surgical and non-surgical methods of body shaping and slimming, breast prosthesis, buttock, etc.

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The samples of the clinic’s previous work and the satisfaction of the customers from the services received are all proof of our commitment to dear beauticians. Our ultimate goal is the smile of your loved ones’ satisfaction. Irsa is the manifestation of your inherent beauty

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Irsa Mag

Irsa beauty and health magazine

Presentation of the latest scientific materials in various fields of beauty and treatment by a dedicated editorial team along with free consultation of skin, hair and beauty services

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