Our goal

Your satisfaction is our priority

  • Providing services in a healthy environment
  • Clients’ satisfaction with services
  • Using experienced staff and skilled doctors
  • Consultation before receiving services
  • Follow-up of the treatment process by the clinic
  • Using reliable and high-quality brands
The best beauty clinic in Shiraz

Why choose Irsa clinic ?




Our first and most important goal at Irsa clinic is the health and satisfaction of our dear client. For this reason, the best brands of dermal fillers, mesogel, Botox, etc. are used in beauty and treatment services. Our priority; first, your satisfaction and then our benefit.

Also, the environment of the clinic is always kept in a hygienic and sterile condition to ensure the health of the dear clients.

Irsa Clinic is known of cooperating with the best doctors and dermatologists, hair and beauty specialists.

In addition to doctors, all medical staff, technicians and other colleagues also have sufficient experience and expertise in the fields of beauty and client services.

After 8-year experience in the presence of professional and experienced doctors we have satisfaction of all customers.

Videos of customer satisfaction and their comments along with before and after pictures manifest the experience of Irsa Clinic in the field of beauty and hair transplantation.