Lips are one of the face members that have a great impact on making our face look fresh and young. Today, according to modern aesthetic factors, having well-shaped, large and prominent lips gives more attractiveness to the face. But sometimes due to reasons such as aging and as a result the reduction of collagen production or hereditary and maternal factors, some people have thin and narrow lips or sometimes they are not similar, which causes their dissatisfaction and lack of self-confidence while taking to others. In such a situation, lip filler injection in order to shape and give volume to the lips is one of the practical methods that can restore beauty and youth to your face with the least amount of pain, recovery period, complications and in just a few minutes.

What are lips fillers?

Lip fillers are often made of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin structure and plays an important role in providing moisture to the body’s skin in different places. For this reason, they are very useful in shaping and rejuvenating the face. Therefore, the use of these types of fillers for the purpose of lips injection will not cause any complications if they are from reputable brands with FDA approval.

Lips filler injection is done to increase the volume and shape of the lips. The amount of injection depends on the current lips shape, the new lip model according to the client’s taste, and the doctor’s discretion.

A very important point regarding the injection of lip filler is the fitness between the upper and lower lips must be taken into account in order to achieve more ideal results. In addition, the shape of lips is different and specific for each person, and one should not expect that the shape of the lips after injection will be the same as others.

How lips fillers are injected?

In order to have the best results from lip fillers injection first of all a cosmetic doctor must have an accurate and sufficient knowledge of the structure of the skin, the anatomy of the lips and the aesthetic principles of the facial components in order to maintain the perfect fit of the face. In this regard, cosmetic doctors who have more history and experience in filler injections for a larger number of applicants with different lips shapes, will be a good option to refer to and doctors at Irsa clinic are the best experienced in this matter and also well known in Iran.

Secondly, the doctor should be completely familiar with the lip filler injection techniques, which include the right place, the amount of injection, and the injecting in the right layers of the skin according to the injection model (for example, Russian lip filler injection, fantasy, etc.).

Lips filler procedure steps

The steps of lips filler procedure are generally as follows:

• Consulting with cosmetologist regarding choosing the best injection method according to your interests, face shape and the shape of your current lip and then choosing the best lip fillers based on the injection method and your budget.

• Then removing lip makeup and disinfect the injection site with an antimicrobial solution or alcohol

• Anesthetizing the area using injectable anesthesia or local anesthetic creams. It is generally recommended for people with a low pain threshold to use injectable general anesthesia both for their own comfort and the doctor’s comfort and to increase their concentration in lip filler injection and symmetrical lip shaping.

• Injection of designated lip filler, by means of fine needles with the right angle inside the lips and the areas around the lips (lip line)

• Massage and final shaping of the lips and training on care and important points in the coming days

The best way to inject lips filler

Lip filler creates a unique form and result in each person according to the place and method of injection as well as the basic shape of each person’s lips before injection. The most important thing is that applicants for lip filler injections should first of all have realistic expectations of the injection according to their current lip shape. Of course, people’s tastes and interests are different, and you, as a client, should show the lip shape that suits your personal taste to the cosmetic doctor, and after that, consult with him to find the best injection technique and style that can help you. Do not forget that the type of lip filler you choose will also be different depending on the style of your desired lips. For example, if your desired lip shape is Russian lips, the injection is done with the Russian lip filler technique, and the filler used in this method should be thicker and will be different from the injected filler in other methods.

Different forms of lips filler injection

Most of the applicants for lip filler with a photo of foreign or Iranian Hollywood actors in their mobile phones refer to our beauty doctors at Irsa Skin, Hair and Beauty Clinic and want to have the exact same lip shape as these people. Note that the decision about the shape of your lips, as mentioned before, should be based on your current lip shape and the appearance of your face, while your personal taste will be considered as much as possible. But people’s lips are different from each other, so it is not possible to get an accurate impression of the shape of the lips in all people. Some different lip filler techniques and models are:

Russian lips filler

In the Russian lips filler injection technique, which is very popular these days, the filler injection is done from the inside to the outside and the edge of the lip and vertically, it causes a lip lift. This method will bring very good results for people who have thin and small lips.

Fantasy lips filler

In fantasy lip filler, a larger amount of filler is injected in the lower lip so that the volume of the lower lip is greater than the upper lip and the lips get a doll or barbie shape. Women who are interested in wide lips with high volume and prominence should choose fantasy model lip filler injection.

Natural or classic lips filler

For those people who want more natural lips after injection If it has, the increase in volume will be done imperceptibly and completely naturally, and only a more beautiful and prominent form will be given to the lips.

Heart lips filler

Heart filler injection is suitable for those people who have an oval face shape. In this method, a space is created between the upper part of the upper lip and the lips get a so-called heart-shaped appearance.

Volume lips filler

Lips are slightly different from the natural look and have a more voluminous look. In this method, the doctor’s goal is to highlight the lips. Unlike the Russian lip, which has an angle around the upper lips, this model is smaller, and all the sharp edges around the lips are corrected with fillers, and the shape of the lips is removed from stretching.

Hollywood model lips filler

In this way, which is similar to Hollywood actors, the lower lips are more voluminous than the upper lip, and they believe that it increases popularity and attractiveness. If you are one of the people who have a round and small face, it is better not to use the Hollywood lip model.

Duck model lips filler

Only some special brands are used to inject the duck model filler so that the lip protrusion is not more unnatural than usual. It goes without saying that in this model, the upper lip is much larger than the lower lip. In this model of lip filler injection, first, filler will be injected into the center of the lip tissue and then the surrounding areas will be repaired.  

Three-button model lips filler injection

This model of lip filler injection is done in order to highlight three important points of the lips, i.e. the middle part of the upper lip, and the left and right parts of the lower lip, and a special and beautiful shape is given to the lips.

Bow model lips filler

In this model, most of the focus will be on the upper lip, which is in the shape of a bow. This lip gel injection model brings back the feeling of youth and vitality to people and is a completely natural model.

Suitable candidate for lips filler injection

Lip filler injection is generally done in three ways:

The first category: in people whose lips have lost their volume and prominence due to aging and decreased collagen production, and the lips are so-called empty.

The second category: young people who are not satisfied with their natural lip shape and volume and have a desire to make it bigger and change its shape to make their face more beautiful.

The third category: There are people who have asymmetrical lips from birth or have lost their balance due to an accident.

An important factor that everyone in all three categories above should consider is to have reasonable and realistic expectations of the results of the injections. Note that lip filler injection should be avoided in the following cases:

  • Presence of any active oral infection such as herpes
  • Diabetes
  • Suffering from certain diseases such as lupus
  • Presence of problems related to blood coagulation

People who have a cold or corona, or those people who have a history of allergy to filler or lidocaine, must inform the doctor about this issue.

What are the benefits of lips filler injection?

What has caused lip filler injection to be chosen as one of the popular methods for improving the appearance of lips by young and even middle-aged people is its significant advantages. Among the most important benefits of lips filler injection are:

1. Lips volume and shaping in the shortest possible time and according to individual taste

2. Symmetrical lips if needed

3. No side effects

4. High durability

5. Easy to control lip volume

6. High compatibility with the body and low probability of side effects after injection

7. Lower cost than other methods.

8. Immediate view of the results.

Side effects of lips filler injection

The side effects resulting from lip filler injections containing hyaluronic acid are temporary and only last a few days. These short-term complications include the following:

1. Bleeding from injection sites

2. Swelling and bruising

3. Redness and sensitivity

4. Reactivation of cold sores or herpes blisters on the lips or the area around the lips

More serious side effects or risks may include:

1. Severe and prolonged swelling or bruising from one week to 10 days

2. Not being natural and creating an asymmetric state in the lips

3. Creating bulges and irregularity in the lips

4. Infection if non-standard fillers are used

5. Bruises and severe inflammations

6. Injection into a blood vessel and allergic reaction

Of course, if you choose an experienced doctor and a well-known clinic, the probability of any of the mentioned complications will be minimized.

The best lips filler brands

Hyaluronic acid fillers have a similar structure to each other, but they differ in terms of concentration. In general, the brand of filler should be chosen in such a way that depending on the chosen model for the lips, injection site and treatment goals, it will have the best results. For example, thinner fillers can be injected more superficially to make the lips look a little more voluminous, but thicker fillers must be injected deeper. In general, the effective factors in choosing a lip filler brand for injection depend on the following:  

• The age of the applicant for lips filler injection

• The current shape of the lips

• The final goal of filler injection

• The geometric shape and curvature of the lips

In the following, we will review the best lip filler brands:

Teosyal lips filler

Made in Switzerland and based on hyaluronic acid and non-animal origin. The effects of this lip filler only last for about a year and largely depend on factors such as skin type and lifestyle.

  Stylage lips filler

The French brand is a lip filler that contains hyaluronic acid and anesthetic lidocaine in its composition, which creates natural volume in the lips, and its shelf life will be around 6 to 24 months. This brand of lip filler does not have any side effects, but it is recommended to refrain from putting pressure on the lips for 24 hours.

 Perfecta lips filler

It is French, which is used as an effective volumizer for the lips, and its results are seen immediately after the injection. This lip filler brand will not cause any side effects Shat.

 Revofil lips filler

Revofil is a lips filler cream that contains hyaluronic acid, which is durable and long-lasting, and its effects last up to twelve months, although the amount of absorption depends on the type of skin, the type and volume of the injection. Revofil filler noticeably increases the volume of the lips, and in thin lips, it makes the lips stretch upwards.  

Pre lips filler injection cares

It is very important to take care before injecting lips filler and it has a great effect in preventing possible side effects. Below are some of the most important pre-injection cares:

  • Avoiding blood thinners two weeks before lip filler injection.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking for a week before.
  • Avoid dental treatments two weeks before.
  • Wash your face thoroughly with soap and water before injection
  • Discuss any medical history you have with your doctor before injection
  • If you have a history of herpes, inform your doctor so that he can prescribe an anti-herpes medicine.

Post lips filler injection cares

In many cases, the need to take care after lip filler injection is much more than the care before lip filler injection. It is completely normal for the lips to be swollen and bruised after the filler injection, and these symptoms usually disappear within a few days. Following a series of tips and precautions can help speed up the healing process, including the following:

  • Avoid eating and drinking until the numbness in the applied area is gone.
  • In order not to see bruises and bleeding in the injection areas, it is recommended to avoid sports and physical activities for a few days after lip filler injection.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or smoke for a week after the injection.
  • Avoid staying out during hot days of summer after lips filler injection
  • Avoid manipulating and massaging your lips after injection. This can cause asymmetry in your lips.
  • Using a compress helps to heal bruises and swelling.
  • For 48 hours after the filler injection, drink as much water as you can to keep the body hydrated and speed up the healing process.
  • Avoid sauna, jacuzzi or hot environments for 48 hours.
  • Do not apply lipstick for 24 hours after filler injection.

How long does lips filler last?

Lip filler injection does not have permanent results and loses its volume over time, so many people repair or recharge their lip filler every few months to maintain their desired shape and volume. In fact, the shelf life of lips filler is different for each person and depends on the following factors. Including:

  • The type of filler you use. For example, hyaluronic acid fillers last between 6 and 9 months. Semi-permanent fillers last about one to two years. Permanent fillers last much longer.
  • The brand of filler used. Different companies produce fillers with different formulations. Some of these fillers are for lips injection and some are more suitable for other areas of the face. The cosmetic doctor will explain these things to you completely.
  • The metabolism of your body and the physiological conditions of the skin are also decisive. Some have a faster metabolism and injected hyaluronic acid is absorbed very quickly.

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