Face PRP

What is PRP?

The word PRP stands for PLASMA RICH PLATELET. PRP is a 100% natural method that uses the patient’s own blood components to stimulate and regenerate damaged tissues in the face, neck, scalp, chest, hands, and body.

There are several components in the blood, the most important of which are red and white blood cells, and platelets. Platelets are one of the most important sources of cell growth factors in the body. Platelets contain proteins and important growth factors that are very effective in repairing. Platelets are actually blood cells that help regenerate tissues and grow new cells.

The PRP injected into specific areas of the skin or scalp acts as a stimulant, promoting collagen growth, regeneration and tissue repair, resulting a smoother and firmer skin. In this process, cell proliferation and cell regeneration and rejuvenation are accelerated, and at older ages, it increases the skin freshness.

Who are the best candidates for skin PRP in Iran?

It is best not to do PRP in the following cases:

  • Skin cancers
  • Chronic diseases, untreated diabetes and AIDS
  • In cases of anticoagulants
  • During treatment with steroids and chemotherapy
  • Blood diseases and coagulation disorders
  • If you have higher expectations from PRP

PRP in Shiraz is used for:

PRP has many uses and applications, which includes:

  • Face and hands wrinkles caused by aging
  • Frown lines and smile lines
  • Puffiness, dark lines, and dimples around the eyes
  • Boils and dimples caused by chicken pox scars
  • Surgical scars, burns and cuts
  • Joints Treatment and it helps to repair them
  • Scalp and eyebrow hair loss treatment and helps to regrowth
  • Treatment wrinkles caused by aging
  • Healing old wounds from burns and injuries
  • Accelerate the healing process of extensive wounds

Benefits of facial PRP injection method in Iran:

  • After injecting PRP into the face, the immune system does not consider it a pathogen and will not transmit diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS.
  • Facial problems and complications are completely rooted and repaired from the underlying and constructive layers.
  • The freshness of the PRP injection will effectively rejuvenate and beautify the face.
  • It has very unstable and few side effects that do not cause any risk to health.
  • Injecting PRP into the face will not cause any special allergies
  • The PRP gel injected into the face will act as a natural antibiotic
  • By injecting PRP, this substance acts as a natural substance on the face, and the results of treatment with this substance will be very natural.
  • It will not be dangerous, in case PRP is injected too much or too little in face.
  • In this method, there will be no need for anesthesia, hospitalization, and rest.
  • By injecting it in the face, the body will accept it.
  • PRP can be injected into different face areas and there is no restriction in injecting PRP into the face.
  • PRP injection can be done for men and women without age restrictions.
  • The cost of facial PRP to treat skin problems will be much lower compared to surgical procedures
  • The effects of this injection will be long lasting.
  • Since the person’s own blood is used. Therefore, there are no possible complications of disease transmission, allergic reaction and infection.
  • Due to the special kits, the process is very simple and completely sterile.
  • It is a non-invasive method and its side effects are quite small.
  • It has a long effect and durability. It does not cost much compared to similar methods (such as cosmetic surgeries, etc.).
  • It is effective in both women and men and has no age or gender restrictions.
  • This treatment is almost painless and the patient can easily tolerate it.
  • Can be used in all areas of the body and has no restrictions.

Who should not get PRP?

Although the PRP method strengthens natural and implanted hair, it cannot be used for everyone. People with active skin infections, as well as people with a history of viral infections such as shingles, diabetes, any blood clotting disorder, or patients taking anticoagulants such as aspirin, or suppressants. Immune systems like cyclosporine, cannot get PRP injection.

In general, if you have any of the following diseases and disorders, it is better avoid hair PRP injection until the end of the treatment process:

  • Skin and systemic cancers and low platelet count
  • Chronic skin diseases, chronic liver disease, untreated diabetes and AIDS
  • Blood diseases and coagulation disorders, thyroid disease
  • Anticoagulants
  • During treatment with steroids and chemotherapy
  • Chronic or acute infection and systemic disorder
  • Platelet dysfunction syndrome, inflammatory response syndrome

Face PRP cost in Iran

The average cost of face PRP in Shiraz according to the method of injection cost from 100$ to 200$ per session.

Visit a dermatologist

If the problem of eyelash loss is severe, it is recommended to consult a skin and hair specialist. They can introduce you to specific tips and products to solve this problem.

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