Lipomatic in Iran

Lipomatic method in Iran is the newest method of removing fat from the body with completely different and unbelievable results compared to other methods of removing fat.

This surgery removes a huge amount of fat from body. Those who had Lipomatic surgery claim that they had size reduction with Lipomatic and it continues for a long time and also eliminates cellulite. The purpose of this surgery is to change the size and shape of the body. Recovery after lipomatic surgery is 3 to 7 days. The important and interesting point is that the size remains for a long time after the lipomatic surgery and also eliminates cellulite.

Why Lipomatic Surgery?

Weight loss surgeries remove a high amount of fat instantly. It may be like a miracle, but if you pay more attention, the Lipomatic surgery in Iran and other surgeries that remove fat by suction focus only on subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is actually the safest type of fat in the body, but the main problem for those who are overweight is visceral fat. Visceral fats are fats that surround vital organs of the body. Balanced amounts of these fats are not bad and protect vital organs, but an overweight person certainly has a lot of visceral fat. Visceral fat is a factor in causing inflammation and increasing the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes type 2, heart disease, stroke and various cancers.

Who is not a Good Candidate for Lipomatic?

According to lipomatic surgeons in Shiraz, not all people and patients are good candidate for lipomatous surgery and they cannot have this surgery. Among the reasons for lipomatic surgery are as follow:

1) Overweight and Obesity

The first people who are not a good candidate for lipomatic surgery who have obesity. Lipomatic method is used to eliminate fats in a specific part of the body. In this case, people who have Abdominal obesity or have obesity in a part of their body that does not fit and balance with their whole body, the best way to get fit is lipomatic. But lipomatic is not suitable for people whose body is completely obese. Because lipomatics should be done on all parts of her body. While overuse of this method causes risks to the patient.

Doctors recommend that people with obesity first need to have a period of proper exercise and diet for several months or a year. After they have lost weight, this time if some parts of their body do not shrink (for example, belly fat melts slowly and despite losing weight, the abdomen still has not budget), they can use lipomatic method.

2) Patients with Hemophilia

Hemophilia prevents blood from clotting during bleeding. This disease causes a lot of blood to flow out of the patient’s body. People with this condition are not a good candidate for lipomatic surgery at all. It is even recommended that patients who are in perfect health should not use anticoagulants such as aspirin, warfarin, etc. until a few weeks before liposuction to not pose a risk during lipomatic surgery.

3)Infectious Diseases

If a person has an infectious disease, their immune system is severely weakened. In this case, they cannot tolerate the lipomatic surgery. Infectious diseases include severe diabetes, chronic autoimmune diseases such as advanced lupus, etc. If the doctor, after observing the test results of these patients, determines that lipomatic surgery does not pose any risk to them, they can have the surgery. However, medications prescribed by their doctor must be taken before lipomatic surgery.

4) Having Heart Disease and Lidocaine allergy

Anesthesia is not used in lipomatic surgery. Consequently, patients with heart diseases can also have this surgery. But if the patients have heart disease and also allergic to anesthetics such as lidocaine at the same time, they cannot have this surgery. Because this surgery should be done with lidocaine. If a person is allergic to lidocaine, the doctor should use anesthesia, which of course is dangerous for patients with heart diseases. Also, people with high blood pressure should avoid this surgery.

Benefits of Lipomatic Surgery:

  • The benefits of lipomatic surgery are subcutaneous fat and does not protrude like other subcutaneous fat suction devices.
  • The number of days to use a body shaper in this type of surgeries is too short and lasts only 2 weeks.
  • Shrinking and shaping the skin is much better than other surgeries.
  • This type of surgery uses local anesthesia.
  • Swelling and fluid are very low in this surgery.
  • The risk of infection is very low.
  • Fat embolism is very low and no cases have been reported so far.
  • He does not need to be hospitalized and patients can discharge after the operation.
  • Fatigue and physical injury are very low in this surgery. Therefore, it is much easier than other weight loss surgeries.

How much is a lipomatic in Iran?

The cost of operation depends on the type of surgery. The average cost of lipomatic surgery in Iran is about $700 per area. 

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