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As we all know, the shape of the face and its youthfulness and freshness, along with the style and way of dressing, have a significant impact on the attractiveness to the others in the first encounter. In the meantime, two factors that are always effective, like the skin freshness of the and the hair grooming are important for both men and women. These days, hair loss and hair thinning affect not only middle-aged people but also young people. And the main concern begins when the hair loss becomes severe, irreversible, and therefore unpleasant and annoying, which decrease self-confidence in their social relationships. At this stage, basic hair transplantation, which has a long-lasting and natural result, is the only basic solution to solve this concern.

Since the patient will experience different stages during hair transplantation, it is very important to know about these stages and the process of hair grows after the surgery, therefore in can help to spend these stages without any anxiety. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about natural hair transplant steps, before and after cares, benefits, etc.

Hair implantation after 8 months at Irsa clinic

Hair transplant in Iran, the permanent solution to hair loss

Hair transplant surgery in Shiraz is a minimally invasive method that by harvesting parallel grafts from the hair bank and transplanting them to the desired bald area of the head, it will cause hair to grow again and create hair density in the new area. Usually, three to four weeks after hair transplantation the hair loss will start, the transplanted hairs regrow three to four months later, and up to nine months to one year after hair transplantation in Iran, hair rooting and the final result will be completely noticeable. Here, you may have a question, what exactly is meant by hair graft and hair bank or donor area?

  • Graft or hair follicle

In general, the hair structure consists of three main parts: the hair shaft (the part that is out of the skin and visible), the hair root (the part that is under the skin) and the hair follicle (a tube-like path in the dermis where the hair root is located grows). Hair follicle in Latin means bag and it is a cavity in the skin where hair exists. Hair follicles are one of the most important cells of the scalp, which cause hair loss and thinning hair due to their weakening.

  • Hair bank or donor area

It is usually a strip of 25 to 30 cm from the top of the right ear to the top of the left ear, and the number of grafts, density and thickness of hair in these parts are much higher than in other parts of the head. The noteworthy point is that the hair grafts in this area are not affected by the shedding pattern and hormonal changes, and for this reason, they are qualified to be implanted in new places. The most important point in hair transplantation in Iran is that people who want to do natural hair transplantation must have a suitable hair bank or donor area to achieve ideal and natural results.

A very important point is that before deciding to do hair transplantation in Iran, we must make sure that it is effective. At Irsa hair transplant clinic, in order to ensure as many of you as possible in the decision-making process, our experienced specialists patiently and carefully examine the causes of your hair loss and after conducting detailed tests, taking into account your age, conditions The body, intensity and pattern of hair loss, the hair bank and the number of grafts needed to cover the bald area of the hair transplant in Shiraz applicant will suggest the best transplant method. It should be noted that sometimes after tests due to possible diseases or lack of vitamins and minerals, the most suitable method to solve the problem even before hair transplantation in Iran is drug therapy, PRP, mesotherapy and finally after the process is completed. Hair transplant treatment will be offered to you if needed.

One year after hair transplant surgery, Irsa clinic

In fact, the distinguishing point of Irsa collection in hair transplantation in Shiraz from other centers is also summarized in this principle, that before any action and choosing a treatment method, first all the necessary diagnostic examinations are done in the most complete way by a doctor and after making sure of the condition of the patient, the best and most effective treatment method is selected for treatment.

Maximum density, completely natural with a growth line that fits the shape of your face, is what will be considered for an implant with an excellent result that you can experience with experienced specialists and our professional team.

In the following, you can see examples of hair transplantation of our dear client.

Factors affecting hair loss

Normal hair loss per day is 100 hairs per day. You should be worried when this amount of shedding increases and over time the volume of hair on the head decreases.

Many factors affect hair loss, including:

  • Genetic factors and heredity
  • Stress and nervous tension
  • unhealthy diet
  • Hormonal changes
  • little rest
  • Hormonal disorders

 Because of this, today hair loss has increased among people and they are looking for hair loss treatments.

The best age for hair transplant surgery in Iran

The best time for the hair transplant surgery in Iran is when you have abnormal hair loss and the bald area has been appeared. We can suggest that the bet time is during your youth (between the age of 25 to 45) and you are totally healthy and have an active in the society, therefore you are going to have more confidence and like your appearance. Keep in mind that people during the age of sixties and seventies can have hair transplant surgery in Iran in case they have a healthy condition.

hair transplant surgery in Iran

What are the successful factors for hair transplant in Iran?

Notice that for treatment methods there are too many factors that effect on the successful result and cure. The same for the hair transplant surgery there are some points that effect on a successful surgery. In this article we will have survey on these factors.

  • Age is one of the effective factors and one of the matters that cause for the delay on the hair transplant surgery.
  • Bald area condition and hair and scalp features
  • Noticing the psychology and maturity of patient
  • Patient`s expectation from the hair transplant surgery and its result
  • Health condition, taking medicine, medicine allergies, and skin diseases are the factors that effect on the transplanted hair

Please notice that if you expect a fantasy hair transplant result and it does not fit the number of your hair bank or donor area it is better to avoid the hair transplant surgery.  Therefore, it is better to pay attention to your donor area condition and your payments then make your best decision.

Get familiar with Irsa hair transplant and dermatology clinic

Hair transplant surgery steps at Irsa clinic in Shiraz

For the hair transplant surgery in Iran, the first step is harvesting hair from the donor area and transplant them in the bald area. There are several methods for the surgery. And the safest method and updated methods we can mention the FIT, FUT, the combine methods and below we will give you more explanation about these methods.

What we do during the hair transplant surgery are…

Generally, implanting technique by FIT and FUT are the same but what is different is the grafts harvesting technique. The technician will mark the implantation area and after cleaning and separating the grafts from the donor area, we make a hole in the bald area to implant the grafts. We choose the grafts which have more chance to survive. The best choice effect on the result of the surgery. The skilled technicians of our team at Irsa Clinic prepare the follicular grafts with a high-power stereo microscope to ensure that the hair remains in optimal condition until the time of transplantation.

But hair transplantation in Iran is not only an operation to remove grafts from your hair bank and transfer them to the bald area, but this very vital thing must be done with great care and skill, because when we remove a strand of hair for transplantation, it is replaced that hair will not grow, in addition to that, the correct method of transplanting the harvested hair leads to transplanting and regrowth of hair and preventing any kind of necrosis and infection.

The important point in the hair transplant in Iran process is your hair bank. The hair bank is valuable for you just like the bank where you keep your capital, and your capital in your hair bank is the strands or grafts of your hair that are supposed to be transferred on your bald area and increase the density of hair. Therefore, if the harvesting from your hair bank is not done correctly and intelligently, you will not have enough hair for the future, because you can only use each harvested hair for implantation once and for all, and after harvesting, the new hair will not replace the harvested hair. For this reason, it is very important to have sufficient skill in detecting the appropriate dispersion for the removal of grafts by the relevant technician.

The next point is about the density of your hair transplant in Shiraz clinic. Multiple density is a seductive phrase that you may have seen in most advertisements and websites related to hair transplant in Iran , but how close to reality can it be from a medical point of view? The distance between the two slits for hair transplantation has a minimum amount, less than that will cause deep wounds in your scalp in the future. Achieving the maximum possible density in one square centimeter of implantation is a complex medical task and requires special methods and devices, fortunately at Irsa hair transplant clinic in Iran, you can trust our experienced technicians for the best result and reasonable hair transplant cost in Iran.

Clients review about the surgery at Irsa clinic

What happens after the hair transplant in Iran ?

After the operation, scabs are formed around the grafts, which disappear after a few days with regular daily washing with Irsa consultation team. The transplanted hair grows one month after the hair transplant, and then the hair roots enter the resting phase and their stems fall. After 3-4 months, the hair comes out of rest phase and starts growing, and new hair stems come out of the skin. In general, the bald part regains its normal state 9-12 months after transplantation, so that the appearance of the transplant site looks completely normal.

Hair transplant procedure in Iran

As mentioned before, hair transplant in Iran is done in different methods, which we will examine each one below.

FUT hair transplant procedure in Iran Shiraz (microsurgery)

FUT procedure requires incision and surgery. Using the FUT (microsurgery) procedure, a strip of one to twenty centimeters is removed from the hair bank which located at the back of your head with local anesthesia and without pain. After wound repair and regeneration, the very thin line will remain which it is usually hidden under the hair and will not be visible at all.

After removing the strip of hair, the hair roots are separated by the team members under advanced microscopes and prepared for implantation. The hair transplant team then divides the strip of skin into 500 to 2,000 small hair grafts. The amount of hair removal depends on the hair type, quality, color, and size of the bald area.

Advantages of FUT hair transplant in Iran

  • The high speed of this procedure does not damage the hair follicle.
  • No need to cut the hair too much.
  • FUT hair transplantation will have less complications, in case the technician has enough skill
  • Disadvantages of FUT hair transplantation

Disadvantages of FUT hair transplant in Iran

  • It is possible to have a scar on the back of the head. That’s why you should always keep your hair long at the back of your head to hide the scar.

FIT hair transplant procedure in Iran Shiraz (non-surgical)

In the FIT (non-surgical) hair transplant procedure, no surgical incision is used, but the follicular units are removed one by one with delicate and special equipment. These follicles are harvested from the hair bank behind the head or the side of the ears. The follicles behind the head and the side of the ears are not affected by hormonal changes. As a result, such problems do not cause hair loss again after hair implantation in Iran. Implantation of removed hairs in the FIT method is done one by one (like the FUT method).

How we draw the hair line before the hair transplant surgery at Irsa clinic

Advantages of FIT hair transplant in Iran

  • The hair removal area does not require stitches or cuts.
  • If needed, it is possible to extend the hair transplant in a short period of time.
  • In the FIT method, if you do not have sufficient hair in hair bank area, chest and shoulder hair can also be used to increase the density of hair transplant.
  • The amount of hair harvested is more than the FUT method.

Disadvantages of FIT hair transplant in Iran

  • The duration of work is longer than the FUT method.
  • You need a haircut before the surgery.

Combined hair transplant method in Iran Shiraz

By combining the two methods of FUT and FIT we can cover the huge amount of baldness. Hair transplantation is performed in a combined method using both FIT and FUT techniques. In this case, a by FUT method a complete strip of hair follicles is removed and planted in a larger area of the bald area. Then, individual follicles are harvested by the FIT method to create density. By the combined hair transplant method, you must accept the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

The number of grafts removed from the hair bank can be increased and a better result can be obtained. This work has been done in two consecutive days and creates considerable density in bald area.

Advantages of combined hair transplant in Iran

  • The most reliable and reasonable method for extensive and ultra-extensive hair transplant procedure.
  • Taking the least amount of time (depending on the quality of the donor area, harvesting any number of grafts takes 15 to 20 minutes).
  • It is possible to harvest a large number of grafts, i.e. 1,500 to 4,500 (which is equivalent to 3,000 to 9,000 follicles or strands of hair), using hair transplantation in a combined method.

Disadvantages of combined hair transplant in Iran

  • Disadvantages of combined hair transplant are exactly the same as FUT hair transplant. Because most of the harvested hair by this method are transplanted by FUT method. The biggest disadvantage of hair transplantation with the combined method is the scar caused by the FUT method. Of course, this problem can also be solved by planting some strands of hair on the scar.

In the following, you can watch the experience of our dear clients regarding the treatment process of hair transplantation at Irsa hair transplant clinic in Shiraz. Do not forget that our aim is your trust and our goal is the smile of your satisfaction.

Choosing the best hair transplant method in Iran Shiraz

The method of transplanting, the harvested hair in both FIT and FUT methods is the same and the hair is implanted in the form of micrograft. As a result, the difference between these two methods is only in the method of harvesting hair from donor area, and the best method will be chosen by our professional and skilled doctors at Irsa hair transplant clinic in Shiraz. In fact, the FIT method is suitable for mild baldness, the FUT method is suitable for moderate baldness, and the combined method is suitable for severe baldness. In general, it is better to leave the choice of the right method to your specialist doctor to choose the best method for you.

Pre hair transplant cares in Iran

In order to experience a successful hair transplant, some important parameters should be considered. First of all, it is very important choosing an equipped clinic in Shiraz with the presence of expert doctors and experienced technicians. Irsa specialized hair transplant clinic in Iran Shiraz provides you the best services for hair transplant surgery. And more important parameter is pre procedure instructions for hair transplant. In the following, we will review the most important pre hair transplant cares.

  • Quit or decrease smoking two weeks before planting. You can read the article about the effect of smoking on hair transplantation for more details.
  • If you are taking certain medicines such as aspirin, vitamin E, etc., inform your doctor so that you can stop using them if there is a risk.
  • In general, do not take any questionable drugs for a few days before implantation.
  • In case of any disease, inform your doctor.
  • Get enough rest the night before the surgery.

Post hair transplant cares in Iran

You should note that all your efforts and expenses will be in vain without following the post the hair transplant cost in Iran. Here, the most effective recommendations post hair transplantation have been collected and prepared for you at Irsa hair transplant clinic in Shiraz, Iran

  • After surgery, the scalp becomes sensitive and inflamed. You should take anti-inflammatory pills, painkillers and antibiotics for a few days.
  • Bandage and dressing are also placed on the head for two to three days. After a week, you can continue your daily activities.
  • Avoid heavy work for two weeks. During this time, avoid bending too much while standing.
  • Up to three weeks after the surgery, the implanted hairs begin to fall out, and at this stage, the care and recommendations of the doctor and the expert team must be carefully followed so that the hairs enter the regrowth phase. Most people see hair growth after 6 to 9 months.

Benefits of natural hair transplant in Iran

Natural hair transplantation has such benefits and advantages that it has made all previous methods in the field of hair transplantation obsolete. In the following, we will examine these items:

  • The result of hair transplant surgery is permanent
  • The transplanted hair can be washed, straightened, made up and dyed.
  • They do not need special medical and non-medical care.
  • The appearance of your hair affects your self-confidence and satisfaction.

Complications of hair transplant

As any type of surgery, if hair transplantation is not performed under the supervision of a specialist, there are risks such as bleeding and infection and abnormal new hair growth.

What makes you a good candidate for a hair transplant in Iran?

People can see the final results of hair transplant in Shiraz if they have enough conditions to use one of hair transplant methods. One of the most important conditions for hair transplantation is to have a suitable hair bank, because in all hair transplantation methods, specialists must transfer healthy follicles from the back of your head to the bald areas.

To use the hair transplant method, the patient must have hereditary hair loss, because currently there are more suitable and less expensive methods for treating other hair loss. Of course, unfortunately, some hair loss cannot be treated using different methods like mesotherapy and PRP and even hair transplant methods, among which the most common one is alopecia hair loss.

What makes you a good candidate for a hair transplant

The best candidates for hair transplant in Iran Shiraz are as follow:

  • Men with male pattern hair loss.
  • Women with female pattern hair loss
  • Losing a large amount of hair due to burns or physical injuries

Who should not have hair transplant surgery in Iran?

Notice that natural hair transplant is not a good option for the following people:

  • Pregnant women
  • People with few hairs to donate and cannot use their own hair for implantation
  • People with keloid scars on their head due to surgery or physical injuries (scars that are in the form of bumps).
  • Hair loss due to chemotherapy drugs.
  • You must not have a skin disease or alopecia, men with alopecia should not have hair transplantation. These people do not have a suitable hair bank; therefore, they are not suitable applicants for hair transplantation and they only waste their time and money.

Differences in hair transplantation for different people in Iran

It is possible for two people to do hair transplant by the same doctor and even with the same method, but the result is not the same because the effectiveness of all treatment methods in different people is different according to their physical and even mental conditions at the time of transplant. Finally, the final satisfaction of hair transplant in Iran is determined after six months. Because during this period, the transplanted hair will fall out and grow again. At this stage, the quality of the work is determined. Very few people are unhappy with hair transplant because after all, hair transplant is more popular than baldness.

How we can choose the best hair transplant clinic in Iran – Shiraz?

When researching hair transplants, don’t look for centers with lower costs. Rather, look for reputable clinic that are approved by the Ministry of Health with modern and advanced equipment and also have a history of activity in this field. In this case, the cost of hair transplant will be reasonable and the you will be assured of its durability and results. To know the experience and skills of the hair transplanting team, see the previous work samples in the first consultation session. Finally, trust your chosen doctor and hair transplant clinic in Iran to get the best results.

In fact, the maximum density, the non-artificiality of the hair transplant result, the natural growth line and suitable for your face shape, are what will be considered for a hair transplant with excellent results, which you can experience with our experienced specialists and professional team.

Hair transplant costs in Iran Shiraz

There are different prices for hair transplantation, and we decide the price in relation to the area of baldness, hair loss, the density of the hair bank, as well as the quality of the operation, the experience of the medical staff and the clinic’s doctors, to decide the costs of the operation. The more you pay is for the quality of the process, because anyone can use the hair bank once or twice in their lifetime, so choosing high-quality hair transplantation is more important than the lower price. The hair transplant cost at Irsa clinic stars from 600 $ to 1200$ which includes: transfers, lunch meals, blood test, medications , and PRP injection.

Three simple steps to start your journey

To get your free hair transplant consultation and to know that you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery in Iran, we need some primary information that you can send on WhatsApp or Email:

How old are you?

Do you have any background diseases?

Do you have hereditary hair loss?

And please send us photos from top, back, front, and both sides of your head as following photos

Hair Transplant General Information

Hair Transplant CostThe prices depends on bald area and hair transplant method. The price starts from 600 $ to 1200 $. More info on WhatsApp: 00989170626693
AnesthesiaLocal anesthesia  
The surgery has no pain
PlaceIrsa Hair transplant and dermatology clinic
Duration of surgery   And Accommodation
Mostly the duration of surgery is between 4 to 5 days   First day: hair check up and blood test and taking medicine before the surgery The hair transplant will be done between 2 to 3 days. Start from 8 AM till 5 PM Last day; transplanted hair checks up
Rest at homeTwo weeks
Hair transplant methodsFIT  
FIT & FUT (Combined)

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