Since humans are perfectionists and beauty-loving, various methods have been developed to achieve this human tendency, each of which has benefits. Filler injection for facial shaping is one of the ways that you can change the shape of your face as desired without surgery and paying a lot of money. Filler injection can be used to shape the face in various areas such as lips, cheeks, jaw, chin, laugh line, hollow under the eyes, and back of the hand.

Filler injection to volume the lips in Iran

Lips filler injection

It is not a secret to anyone that due to age, the volume of the lips decreases and the height of the lips decreases, and naturally, it is less noticeable due to its firmness. The upper lip consists of two parts, the white lip and the red lip, which are separated from each other by the vermilion border, which creates an unfavorable appearance with the formation of vertical and parallel wrinkles in the white part of the upper lip.

Normally, the lower lip is larger than the upper lip and is placed slightly in front of it, even though it can be said that the lower lip is about twice the size of the upper lip. While the upper and lower lips are considered sisters, the right and left halves of each lip are considered twins, and the existence of symmetry in these two halves is very important and fundamental. By lips filler injection in Shiraz, the attractiveness and beauty of the face are doubled by giving volume and highlighting the edge of the lips.

lips filler injection in Shiraz
Russian lips method at Irsa clinic

Filler injection in Iran is a quick way to create various face corrections, such as restoring and increasing the volume of the face, increasing the volume of the lips, reducing wrinkles, reducing frown lines, laughter, etc.

There are different types of fillers used for injection, some of which are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, the most popular injectable filler is hyaluronic acid. The reason for the popularity of this filler is its other properties besides shaping. This substance exists naturally in the human body and acts as a lubricant for connective tissues, body joints, eyes, and skin. As a result, its use improves the moisture and quality of the skin (by absorbing water to the lower surface of the skin).

The lip is one of the parts of the face that decreases in volume with age, the height of the lip decreases and its firmness on the face decreases. Lip filler injection can be very useful to fix these changes and beautify the face. Lip volume, height, and prominence will be affected by age. In the injection of filler, what is done is that the edge of the lip is highlighted and given volume, and thus the beauty of the face is increased through the injection of lip filler.

Filler injection for cheek shaping and volume

The most common area of gel injection is to increase the volume and shape of the cheeks. With age, due to the degeneration of the cheekbones, the cheek loses its volume and leaves negative effects such as flattening of the face and puffiness under the eyes. One of the methods of highlighting the cheeks is the injection of cheek filler, which does not require surgery.

Face filler injection in Shiraz Iran
Before cheek filler injection
Dermal filler injection in Iran
After cheek filler injection

Cheek Filler injection is also very suitable for people who like to have a unique face because most people with prominent cheekbones have a more attractive face.

If the filler is injected in the middle of the cheek, it gives a natural prominence to your cheeks. It will also help in reducing and correcting nasolabial lines (lines drawn from the nose to the mouth).

Filler injection to shape the jaw

Angularization of the jaw and face, to increase the beauty of the appearance of the face, is approved by many people. This face shape is called an almond or oval face. Today, face angling is done with different methods, including gel injection.

Face contouring in Iran
Before and after jaw filler injection in Iran

Chin filler injection in Iran

Some people have a small chin, and when you look at their face, the chin moves back concerning the upper lip and the lip is in a forward position. The person’s appearance returns to a more balanced and natural state by injecting filler and enlarging the chin. In this way, the upper lip and chin are placed in a better position, and it also affects the appearance of the nose.

To achieve the desired results, the doctor may recommend a filler injection along with Botox treatment. Fillers are mainly composed of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance in the body. Chin filler injection changes the chin’s shape and increases the chin’s V shape.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes, the doctor prepares the desired area of your skin with an antiseptic liquid, he may also use a local anesthetic cream to reduce pain. You will notice relative changes immediately after the filler injection in Shiraz, and results will progress over the first few weeks as the hyaluronic acid begins to retain moisture and absorb water.

Chin filler injection in Iran Shiraz city
Chin filler injection at Irsa clinic in Shiraz

Filler injection in Iran to remove smile line

Wrinkles associated with the lips and nose, often known as smile lines, are facial features that become more visible with age. These lines are caused by aging, when the fat layers of the face are lost, it causes the skin to sag and create prominent wrinkles. They usually appear as two lines or wrinkles that both sides of the nose that reach the corner of the lips and separate the cheek from the upper lip. One of the ways to remove smile lines at Irsa clinic in Shiraz is to reduce hollowing around the mouth, especially when the face is at rest and without expression, and as a result of making your face younger, smile line filler injection in Shiraz.

Smile line filler injection
Get rid of smile line with dermal filler injection

Filler injection for face contouring in Iran

If you look closely at the faces of celebrities and famous Hollywood actors, most of them have bony cheeks. This means that the face has suitable protrusions in different components, which in general view, these faces are called angular faces, the key points of the face that make the person’s face angular include the protrusion of the angle of the jaw, chin, and cheeks. By injecting hyaluronic filler in areas such as the angle of the jaw and the lines of the jaw and chin in proportion to each other, these areas can be highlighted and so-called angular and create a special beauty for the whole face. By injecting some hyaluronic filler into the cheeks and highlighting the cheek, the angular lines of the face in the middle part are completed, and the result of the operation includes the line of the jawbone and the chin and cheeks are better seen, which also causes the dimples or fading of the cheeks. Of course, the method of injection and the injection area, as well as the amount of injected gel, are very influential in the result of the face angling operation.

face contouring

The filler injection treatment process

• Holding a consultation meeting with a specialist doctor

The specialist doctor examines the patient’s physical condition and talks to the patient about the advantages, disadvantages, and cost of cheek prosthesis with filler and care recommendations after the injection. The patient also expresses his expectations.

• Marking sensitive points

The doctor examines the face and marks the sensitive points to be injected and then takes a picture.

• Washing and anesthesia

Before injecting the filler, the desired points are washed with antibacterial substances, and if necessary, drugs and numbing creams are used for these areas.

•Filler injection in Shiraz

Injections are usually performed in the marked areas within 15 to 60 minutes, the amount of dermal filler required for each patient is different and depends on the amount of lost volume and the size of the patient’s cheek. In addition, after the injection of the filler, the patient’s photo will be taken after the injection to be included in your medical document.

Benefits of filler injection in Iran

• Completely natural and desired shaping, filler injection in Shiraz is the best solution for filling cheeks, Shaping the lips, removing frown lines, removing smile lines, etc., and in addition to filling the face, it also removes wrinkles and rejuvenates your face.

• Dermal filler injection is a non-surgical and non-invasive method

• The recovery period does not require hospitalization or long-term recovery, and you can go about your daily activities immediately after the filler injection in Iran, and there is no need for any rest.

• The dermal filler injection is bio-renewable and causes very few reactions.

• The result of using the filler will be visible to the patient immediately after the injection.

• Many deep wrinkles that other methods cannot fix can be treated with dermal filler injection.

Who is not a candidate for filler?

• People under the age of 18

• Pregnant women or people who are breastfeeding.

• People with a history of heart attack and stroke, as well as people who take medicine due to heart diseases.

• Those who use insulin and have diabetes.

• People who have a history of severe allergies and asthma.

• People with severe autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatism, and nephrotic syndrome

• People who use anticoagulants such as aspirin or warfarin.

• Patients with a history of blood clotting disorders, severe bleeding, and deep vein thrombosis

• People with a history of wound-healing problems and severe scarring

Consistency of dermal fillers

Dermal filler can last about eight months to two years depending on the type, quality of the filler, and the metabolism of your body.

Dermal filler cost in Iran

Dermal filler cost at Irsa clinic depends on the brand of filler and the prices start from 95$ to 450$ per CC.

Visit a dermatologist

It is recommended to consult a skin and hair specialist. They can introduce you to specific tips and products to solve this problem.

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