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The experienced medical staff in the fields of skin rejuvenation, beauty, skin disease treatment, hair loss treatments, hair transplant services, all types of laser therapy and hair removal, and all types of surgical and non-surgical body contouring and slimming methods

Specialist doctors

All beauty services at Irsa Clinic are performed by expert and experienced doctors.

Free initial consultation

You can get free consultation before receiving beauty services.

Medical consultation

You can get free medical consultation with a click on WhatsApp 

Authentic brands

At Irsa Clinic, we use the best brands of dermal fillers, BOTOX, Mesogel, etc.

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years of work experience

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Our doctors

Expertise Along with Commitment

Irsa Clinic with more than 8 years of experience in the field of skin treatment, hair, and beauty since March 2012. In addition to skin, hair, and beauty services, Irsa clinic also provides its unique services in all branches and fields of treatment, hair transplant and laser therapy.

 During the years of our professional activity, we have always cooperated with experienced and academic professors and specialist doctors in order to give you the unique services. Today, we have the honor of being with you in the large and well-equipped medical-beauty complex of Irsa, with the presence of prominent doctors such as Dr. Mostafa Emadi, accompanied by an experienced and professional executive team.


Obtained a doctorate in general medicine from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Degree: Professional doctorate in medicine

History of doing beauty work

He started his activity in the field of beauty in 1992 as a shareholder and doctor of Irsa Clinic, and in order to expand his work in 1994, he established Irsa Clinic with the participation of a group of colleagues.

work experience

Working in Hafez Maroodasht Clinic, Firoz Abad Health Clinic, Irana Shiraz Clinic, Irsa Clinic


The doctor's days at the clinic: from Saturday to Wednesday

Expertise with commitment

Our doctors at the clinic

دکتر ساجدی پرسنلیed

​Dr.Zahra Sajedi


Dr.Amir Miri


Dr.Mostafa Emadi