What is Subcision?

Subcision is a modern way of treating pimples and removing pimples, scars and acne. It is noteworthy that the Subcision method has the best results in removing the pimples in the shortest time as possible. Subcision surgery is a type of outpatient surgery that treats pimples and atrophic scars such as pimples and acne, chicken pox and sutures by removing subcutaneous adhesions. By injecting a large volume of a special anesthetic under the skin, it causes the skin to separate from its underlying layers. As a result, fibrotic fibers are released, collagen production is activated by the skin and leads to wound healing, scar healing and cause the beauty of facial skin.

It should be noted that scares can be removed by fractional RF method, but subcision is the most effective for eliminating deep scars. However, sometimes to achieve the desired result, it is better to use fractional RF simultaneously with the Subcision.


Who are the suitable candidates for Subcision?

You should be seen by the doctor if you want to find out if subcision is appropriate for your scars. The doctor will check the severity and depth of the scar and determine the best way to remove the scar.

Skin Subcision is generally for:

People who have cellulite

People with scars, sutures, acne and deep pimples on the face.

People who have a very deep laugh line or wrinkles (nasolabial fold).

People who have large and deep scars due to chicken pox.

People who have deep wrinkles on their face due to aging.

People whose skin is wrinkled due to excessive sun exposure.


Benefits and advantages of Subcision

  • Can be used for all skin types.
  • The short recovery period is between 2 to 3 days.
  • Subcision has significant therapeutic results.
  • It is possible to have subcission in all seasons.
  • It is possible to have subcision simultaneously with fractional RF, CO2, microdermabrasion, laser and chemical peeling in one session.

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