Nose lift with Botox in Iran is a non-surgical procedure for people who want to improve the appearance of their nose, but do not want to use surgical methods. Botox injection into the nose is done to improve the appearance and correct problems such as lines and wrinkles caused by frequent movements of the nasal muscles and slightly raising the tip of the nose.

Of course, it is possible to change the overall shape of the nose by performing surgery; But more minor changes can be done using non-invasive methods. Fixing the drooping of the nose tip is also one of the changes that can be fixed by using Botox on the tip of the nose and does not require surgery and the resulting complications. The nose lift method is especially suitable for the people we are going to examine below.

1. They have few weaknesses in the nose

If you see the overall shape of your nose as good, but you want to improve some of its small details, such as removing wrinkles and fine lines, or removing the widening of the nasal lobes while talking, facial movements, or laughing, nose lift with Botox can be appropriate.

2. To raise and lift the tip of the nose slightly

Nasal Botox injection to slightly raise the tip of the nose. It can be used in patients who have slight nasal droop. This method does not solve the severe drooping of the nose with thick and abundant subcutaneous tissue. In these cases, rhinoplasty should be performed.

3. To eliminate the size of the nose

In some people, when they talk, laugh, or make other facial movements, their nostrils widen abnormally, and sometimes their noses seem to flatten when they talk or laugh, or in other words, the nostrils spread apart. In this situation, according to the discretion of the doctor, Botox injection can have a significant effect in solving this problem.

4. Fear of surgery

Some people fear surgery or other invasive procedures. Botox nose lift is a non-surgical method that does not require cutting or opening areas. Therefore, it is a more appropriate choice for these people, provided that they are eligible to use nasal Botox.

5. Preferring non-surgical methods

People who prefer to change their appearance in non-surgical ways, and do not experience complete anesthesia, can go to an experienced cosmetic doctor for a nose lift with Botox. In this situation, the doctor first checks whether the problem in the appearance of their nose can be treated with Botox injection or not, and then, if it is effective, he will perform this injection.

6. Temporary result

Nose lift with Botox has temporary results. And this may be attractive to people who don’t want to make permanent changes to their noses.

However, to decide to use any type of cosmetic procedure, it is important to consult a medical professional to get their professional opinions and make a safe and rational decision.

How nasal Botox works in the nose lift process

Botox injection, mainly by reducing muscle activity, decreases muscle pressure at the tip of the nose and causes the tip of the nose to rise. In this method, botulinum toxin is injected into the muscles that cause the tip of the nose to sag, and by reducing the activity of these muscles, the tip of the nose does not droop and rises. Using Botox on the tip of the nose will change the shape of the tip of the nose and reduce lines and wrinkles related to the muscles around the tip of the nose. This method is considered as an alternative or supplement to nose tip plastic surgery.

How to get nose lift Botox in Iran?

Botox injection to the tip of the nose is usually performed by a cosmetic doctor using local anesthesia. For this purpose, the doctor first examines your needs and goals, and after determining whether Botox is suitable for you, he determines the points that are suitable for Botox injection. These points are located in strategic areas around the tip of the nose. Using a thin needle, the doctor injects the right amount of Botox into the designated points in the muscles of the tip of the nose. These injections are usually injected into the muscles that cause the tip of the nose to droop. After the injection, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations, including avoiding touching the injection area. We will examine these steps in the following.

1. Consultation with a doctor:

First of all, it is better to consult a dermatologist and beauty specialist. He can do a thorough examination and give you the right recommendations.

2. Determination of injection points:

Your doctor will determine the appropriate points for Botox injections. These points are usually located in areas of the nose that are selected according to your need for correction.

3. Botox injection:

The doctor injects Botox into designated points in the nose using a needle. Botox acts as a nerve blocker and makes the muscles move less, as a result, it will raise the tip of the nose eliminate wrinkles and even widen the nostrils during laughing and other facial movements.

4. Injection operation:

Botox injection is usually done very quickly and does not require anesthesia. These steps are done in a few minutes and after that, you can return to your daily routine easily and without recovery.

How long Botox nose lift last?

The effect of a nose Lift with Botox is different depending on the body metabolism of each person, but it can generally last between 6 months and one year.

Care before Botox nose

Avoid taking blood thinners, such as aspirin, a week before Botox injection.

If you are taking any medication, be sure to inform your doctor.

Avoid taking medicine or herbal teas for a week.

Avoid smoking and alcohol a week before Botox.

Avoid using topical creams containing retinol and similar substances.

If you are allergic to any type of botulinum toxin or any other substance, be sure to inform the doctor.

Care after nasal Botox

There is a high probability of pain and swelling after nose Botox.

Taking painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by a doctor

  Use a cold compress for a day.

  Avoid touching or pressing your nose.

Avoid exposure to heat.

Adequate rest and avoid heavy activities in the first days after injection

Keep your head elevated for 3 to 4 hours

Who are not good candidates for nasal Botox injections?

. In general, people with the following symptoms or characteristics are unsuitable candidates for nasal tip Botox:

People with a history of allergy to Botox or related substances

Pregnant or lactating women

Presence of infection in the area to be injected

People with serious muscle problems such as myasthenia gravis or related problems

People with certain diseases such as MS, kidney failure, acute cardiovascular disease

Patients with weak immune systems or active infection

Patients with coagulation disorders who use anticoagulants

People under 18 and over 75 years old

Those who have muscular paralysis for no apparent reason.

Risks of nasal Botox injections

Botox injection to the tip of the nose to fix the drooping tip of the nose may be associated with risks, but most of these risks are mild and temporary. Among these risks, we can mention allergic reactions, unwanted changes in the face, such as an unnatural smile or an increase in wrinkles in other areas, headache and confusion, temporary muscle weakness in the injection area, and breathing problems due to incorrect injection.

Is a nose lift with Botox suitable for those who have had their nose operated on?

As mentioned earlier, Botox nose lift is usually used to improve minor nose problems and small changes in its appearance, but it is not recommended to make big changes in the nose. If a person has operated on his nose, but after the nose operation, the nose blades still open while talking or laughing, or have wrinkles and are not desirable in terms of appearance and beauty, a nose lift with Botox may be useful. For those who are suitable for this process, when they say a word like “bus”, their nose tip moves, in this case, nasal Botox is very effective in reducing the movement of the nasal muscles in these areas and, as a result, the nose opens less. This procedure may also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, harmonize the nasal area, and create aesthetic details.

However, it is recommended to consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon to make sure that a Botox nose lift is right for you. Your doctor can do a complete examination of your nose area and realistically describe the best solution to achieve your goals.

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