Eyelash transplant surgery in Shiraz Iran

The eyes are always known as the most beautiful parts of every person’s face. Therefore, having thick and thick eyelashes is very effective in the beauty of the eyes. The importance of this issue shows itself more when due to reasons such as alopecia or treatments caused by a specific disease such as cancer or unwanted incidents such as fire, a person falling, thinness, or excessive lack of eyelashes on the eyes. Of course, the lack of eyelashes in some people is genetic or due to environmental factors. But if the eyelash loss is caused by the things mentioned earlier, eyelash implantation in Iran can be used as a therapeutic and not just a cosmetic method to compensate for this deficiency.

Don’t forget that to strengthen thin eyelashes in an ordinary person and make them thick, he used various methods such as home treatments or even other modern methods such as implanting or eyelash extensions, and in two hours using These semi-permanent eyelashes achieved their desired result and made the eyelashes look fuller and longer. But for people who have no eyelashes in their eyelids, they should first be examined by a dermatologist and then, by the dermatologist’s confirmation that the process of eyelash implantation is effective, the eyelash transplant will start.

eyelash transplant in Iran shiraz

What is eyelash surgery in Shiraz?

Eyelash transplant surgery in Iran involves the transfer of hair from one part of the body (from donor area) to the eyelash area. This process helps you to have fuller and longer eyelashes. This procedure typically involves 60 to 70 hairs per eye.

As mentioned above, permanent eyelash implantation is a technique to thicken or increase the density of eyelashes in women who have lost their eyelashes due to illness, burns, or accidents, or who have low eyelash density naturally. In this transplantation method, the dermatologist and hair specialist use natural hair from the head or legs to implant eyelashes on the upper or lower eyelid. Remember that the transplanted hair will grow like the hair from the removed area; Therefore, it should be trimmed regularly.

Why are my eyelashes falling out?

Eyelashes can be lost for various reasons. Below are some of the common and common reasons that can happen for eyelash loss:

• Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes in the body can cause the loss of eyelashes. These changes may occur during different periods of life, including pregnancy, period length, entering menopause, etc.

• Genetic factors: Some people may have fewer eyelashes genetically and hereditary.

• Stress and pressure caused by daily life: Stress and daily pressure can lead to changes in the growth cycle of hair and eyelashes and cause them to be lost.

• Repeated damage to eyelashes: Improper use of chemicals or use of inappropriate cosmetic tools can damage eyelashes and cause them to be lost.

• Aging processes: With aging, the natural processes of skin and hair structure change and can lead to changes in eyelashes.

As you can see, some of these reasons are preventable, such as the correct use of care products and avoiding repeated damage to eyelashes. But sometimes the loss of eyelashes has more fundamental reasons that we need more special conditions to treat them, we will discuss them below:

• Complications caused by tattoo infections

• Physical injuries and facial injuries and wounds caused by accidents such as road accidents (hit to the eye area), industrial accidents, thermal and chemical burns, tattoos on the eyelid, and continuous use of artificial eyelashes.

• Medical and surgical treatments, surgical treatment of an injury or tumor that leads to the destruction of eyelash follicles and scar tissue. Radiotherapy or chemotherapy for cancer that causes hair loss.

• Compulsive plucking of eyelashes and other body hair (trichotillomania). The absence of hair in all parts of the body as a congenital disease can also be a reason to consider eyelash surgery.

The best candidate for a natural eyelash transplant

People who have sparse or scattered eyelashes are the best candidates for permanent implants, which increase the density, number, and volume of the strands. People who lost their eyelashes due to illness, accident, or accident can also use permanent eyelash transplants in Iran. Ideal candidates for permanent eyelash implants have sparse eyelashes and are looking for a permanent increase (as opposed to temporary eyelash extensions) of eyelash volume and density.

But people who have weak hair donor areas or people who have hair loss due to medication, or medical treatment caused by illness or stress cannot use permanent eyelash transplant in Shiraz. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to do this with a dermatologist or an experienced person.

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Preparation for permanent eyelash implantation in Shiraz

To perform an eyelash transplant, a person must have the necessary preparation and conditions, which include: not having diabetes and having a suitable hair bank! A dermatologist and hair specialist will allow the eyelash transplant by thoroughly examining the person and performing the necessary tests if the person meets the conditions and does not suffer from any underlying disease, hair loss, or special skin sensitivity.

How is eyelash transplant surgery?

Eyelash transplant in Iran is a type of cosmetic surgery where the individual’s hair is removed from other areas of the body such as the back of the head as a hair bank. These head hairs are the same hair follicles that are used to create new eyelashes during surgery. Once enough hair has been removed from your scalp, the lash area will be prepared and numbed. Local anesthesia (lidocaine with epinephrine) is used to reduce pain in the head and eyelid area.

Then, new eyelash hairs are implanted one by one. Usually, the implantation is on the upper eyelids and there is no need for general anesthesia, and only local anesthesia is required. The whole procedure takes between 2 and 4 hours. And it does not have the risk of anesthetic drugs.

A very mild pain is felt during the procedure, which may last for 7 to 10 days, which is relieved by taking painkillers. After transplantation, you must follow all the instructions of the skin and hair specialist.

After surgery, you may experience swelling and bruising of the eyelid area for several weeks. The results of eyelash transplant surgery will be significant over time, so the results will be known at least after 12 months.

It should be noted that these eyelashes should be cut and curled every month, which may lead to eye irritation. It is even possible for eyelashes to grow inside the eye and cause corneal ulcers.

In general, before performing this type of surgery, it is better to use strengthening drugs or solutions for the growth of our original eyelashes, and if it does not work, we should go to a specialist doctor for eyelash implantation.

In short, the steps of permanent eyelash implantation are as follows:

• Preparation of the donor area: First, the donor area, usually the back of the head, is shaved and cleaned to prepare for surgery.

• Administration of anesthesia: then local anesthesia is used in the area around the eyelashes. Hair follicles are extracted using follicular unit extraction. Grafts with 1 to 4 hair follicles are extracted for eyelash transplantation

• · . Preparation of the recipient area: After hair removal, the surgeon prepares the recipient area by using local anesthesia and making very small incisions for the implantation of follicles. When preparing the recipient site, keep the direction and angle of the eyelashes in mind to create natural-looking results.

• Implantation: After preparing the recipient site, the surgeon simultaneously implants 1 to 2 hair follicles in specific directions. It usually involves the implantation of 30 to 40 hair follicles to achieve the desired density of eyelashes.

​ Duration of eyelash implantation in Iran

This procedure takes approximately 3-4 hours because it is very delicate and precise. Irsa hair transplant center is one of the most specialized and best hair transplant clinics in Shiraz. In this well-equipped complex, eyebrow, and hair transplant, beard and mustache can be done with different methods. The results of hair transplantation in this center are satisfactory and favorable due to the use of modern equipment and the high level of experience and knowledge of the doctor.

Benefits of eyelash transplantation surgery in Shiraz

Among its advantages, we can mention the permanent durability and natural appearance of the hair. Also, having natural growth after the implantation of eyelashes in Shiraz at Irsa clinic, proper thickness and length, no need for mascara and cosmetics, no feeling of heaviness and weightiness, as well as no need for quick repair unlike artificial eyelashes, and most importantly, increasing the sense of satisfaction and self-confidence.

Complications of permanent eyelash implantation in Iran

Like any other operation, eyelash implantation has possible side effects such as pain and bleeding, the possibility of infection, itching, wound, swelling, corneal irritation, telogen effluvium (hair loss or thinning), and eye pain that can be caused by infection. To avoid eyelash transplant complications and possible problems of permanent eyelash transplant, be sure to do this under the supervision of a dermatologist and hair specialist in a reputable clinic.

Care after permanent eyelash implantation

Care after a permanent eyelash transplant is very important in their durability. Be sure to consult a dermatologist and hair specialist about care after eyelash transplantation:

• Wash your face regularly and clean your eyelashes. Cleaning eyelash implants is very important.

• It is better to choose suitable and quality cosmetics.

• Avoid rubbing your eyes, pulling your eyelids, or sleeping on your face.

How long does permanent eyelash implantation last?

In a permanent eyelash transplant, the dermatologist selects the hair strands that are most similar to eyelashes for transplant. The durability of this method is permanent and it grows like the hair of other parts of the body and should be cut once a month. In a permanent eyelash transplant, the dermatologist and hair specialist select the hair strands that are most similar to eyelashes for transplant.

Unlike eyelash extensions, which require constant maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks, eyelash transplant surgery guarantees lasting, lifelong results because it is technically a type of hair transplant surgery. After surgery, eyelashes should be trimmed regularly because they can grow a lot and may need trimming.

​Eyelash transplant surgery cost in Shiraz

The procedure takes approximately 3-4 hours with FIT method and costs about 700$ to 1200$ at Irsa clinic. it is better to consult with a dermatologist before traveling to Iran.

Visit a dermatologist

If the problem of eyelash loss is severe, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist. They can introduce you to specific tips and products to solve this problem.

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