The appearance of a woman’s genitals plays a significant role in her sexual experience. However, it’s important to note that like other parts of the body, the genital area is influenced by various internal and external factors over time, such as weight loss, natural childbirth, and aging. These can result in hormonal changes, decreased body fat, and physical changes including aging, sagging, looseness, wrinkles, and thinning of the skin in the genital area. Consequently, the outer lips of a woman’s genital area (labia majora) may lose flexibility, volume, and beauty, affecting one’s sexual relationship, self-confidence, and the enjoyment of sexual intercourse.”

In Shiraz, there is a procedure called genital filler injection, which involves injecting filler into the vagina. This method is used for various purposes, including:

– Rejuvenating the vagina

– Enhancing and reshaping the vagina

– Smoothing out wrinkles and sagging skin

– Tightening the vaginal skin

– Lightening the genital skin

These changes primarily affect the outer lips of the genital area (labia majora), the most visible part of a woman’s genital area.

Genital filler injection procedure in Shiraz

To undergo this procedure, a pap smear is necessary. Anesthesia is not required, and the injection can be performed with local anesthesia only. Initially, the injection site is cleaned and numbed with lidocaine. Once the lidocaine takes effect, the doctor administers the anesthetic into the target area using a needle. Following the numbing process, the filler is injected into the desired areas. Hospitalization is not necessary after the injection, and the procedure takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Ideal candidates for vaginal filler injection in Shiraz include:

1. Individuals with sagging, aging skin, and wrinkles in the genital area due to aging.

2. Young individuals with thin labia who desire fuller and firmer labia.

3. Those with thin and small labia due to hereditary and genetic factors.

4. Individuals with asymmetric and disproportionate labia.

Who should avoid vaginal filler injections?

Those who are not good candidates for vaginal filler injections include:

1. Individuals with active genital infections or inflammations.

2. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals.

3. Those with a history of vaginal or pelvic floor surgery within the last six months.

4. People with a history of vaginal prolapse or incontinence. Vaginal filler injection is recommended for the following people:

1- Pregnant women

2- Lactating women

3- Women with a history of heart attack and stroke

4- Diabetic patients

5- People who have a history of blood clots.

6- People who are allergic to filler ingredients.

7- People with weak immune systems.

8- For people who have a vaginal infection, their infection should be treated first and then inject the filler.

The benefits of injecting filler into the genital area in Shiraz.

Injection of filler into the genital area (labia majora) is considered a cosmetic procedure. It is not as invasive as other operations and is generally associated with minimal side effects. Some of the advantages of this procedure include:

– The recovery period for this operation is very short, and the person can quickly resume their daily activities.

– Hospitalization is not required after the operation.

– No incision or surgery is performed during the filler injection.

– It’s worth noting that the results of filler injection can be seen 2 hours after the procedure.

– Filler injection is painless and uncomplicated.

– Genital filler injection can be performed simultaneously with labiaplasty.

Visit a dermatologist

It is recommended to consult a skin and hair specialist. They can introduce you to specific tips and products to solve this problem.

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