Plasma Jet

What is Plasma Jet?

Plasma Jet is one of the newest and most advanced skin rejuvenation techniques that is performed by a device with the same name and deeply regenerates skin tissues. We all intend our skin to have the freshness of the past years, so we want to give you the good news that Plasma Jet will make your wish come true consequently by rejuvenating the face by eliminating skin aging and of course without any surgery or incision.

Plasma Jet can hydrate the skin and make it brighter and firmer. This cosmetic procedure is outpatient and completely painless and the end result of using this method is very desirable and satisfactory. The use of this technique has received much attention from doctors and cosmetologists due to its lower risks and side effects than other treatment and beauty methods. B Plasma Jet can be used to treat acne, scars and other skin conditions such as drooping eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes. This procedure is performed without any cuts or bleeding and does not require stitches. This non-surgical method is used for the patient between 1 to several sessions depending on the type of disease and skin type. Plasma Jet has no side effects and requires less care than other methods, especially surgical procedures.

Who can have Plasma Jet treatment?

People who want to remove lines and wrinkles under their eyes.

People who are afraid of surgeries that require incision.

People who want to return to work immediately after surgery.

People who have not been satisfied with the result of blepharoplasty or have suffered from asymmetry.

People who want no scar remains on the treated area.

People who want to get rid of droopy eyelids, provided that the drooping is mild or moderate.

People who have drooping on one side of their face due to complications of previous surgeries.

People who are looking for a low-complication method with a short recovery period

Using Plasma Jet

Nowadays, Plasma Jet mostly used for nose as non-surgical nose lifting, removing wrinkle and eyelid lift with However, the Plasma Jet has best result for eyelid lifting. As mentioned, this method is recommended for people with mild to moderate droopy eyelids. Also, this method can be used for people who do not want to have surgery or anesthesia and those who do not want to cause scars due to surgery. People who have drooping eyelids again after eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can use Plasma Jet. This method is also used to reduce the depth of deep facial lines.

Plasma Jet Applications

Treat scars which caused by surgery and acne.

Treat skin cracks caused by pregnancy, weight gain and puberty.

Treat skin lesions such as warts, fibroids, genital warts and etc.

Remove fine lines around and under the eyes, lips (smile line), forehead and other wrinkled areas can be removed.

The Plasma Jet can be used in nose lift. Plasma Jets can reduce the size of the nose by evaporating water and fat between the skin and cartilage tissue. This method for beautifying nose; Especially it can be used for meaty noses.

An alternative method for blepharoplasty in which to remove the droopy eyelid, and surgery was needed to cut some part of the eyelid and stitched. For this reason, Plasma Jet is sometimes known as dynamic blepharoplasty.

You can use the plasma jet method, if you are looking for an effective way to remove your tattoos.

Plasma Jet can be used to lift the lower areas of the face, such as the double chin.

Plasma Jet is an effective way to get rid of moles on different parts of the body.

Other Applications of Plasma Jet

Removing open pores of the skin

Removing freckles and facial blemishes

Removing pigmented spots and skin warts

Removing aging warts (seborrheic keratosis)

Removing of stretch marks on the skin and scars

Lifting sagging face

Removing acne and other skin conditions

Removing capillaries or red blood vessels in the skin

Reduce inflammation or redness in the face

Removing sagging skin in the buttocks and above the navel

Removing skin inflammation, eliminate pimples and skin eczema

Benefits of Plasma Jet

Plasma Jet stimulates collagen production and rejuvenates the skin.

This technique can be used for any type of skin.

Plasma Jet is a convenient, fast and without side effect method.

It is a suitable alternative for cosmetic eyelid surgery procedures.

The heat from the plasma jet penetrates deep into the skin and does not damage the skin surface.

Plasma Jets can be used to treat small areas that cannot be treated with other methods.

This treatment does not require the use of anesthesia except in special cases.

Plasma Jet is effective in treating a wide range of skin diseases.

Treatment with plasma Jet technique has good longevity.

Low cost compared to other methods such as rhinoplasty

Short treatment time

Very short recovery period

Mild side effects

Safe way without risk

Treats a wide range of skin diseases

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