Are you seeking ways to reduce wrinkles, frown lines, or sagging skin? You are not alone. Every year, millions of people opt for minimally invasive or non-surgical methods to enhance the appearance of their skin.

In 2020, Botox was the most popular minimally invasive beauty procedure, followed by soft tissue fillers and chemical peels.

In 2020, there were about 13.2 million non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed, compared to 2.3 million cosmetic surgeries. This difference is not surprising, as non-invasive methods are generally more cost-effective and require less recovery time than surgical methods. Let’s examine the advantages and limitations of non-surgical methods for facial rejuvenation to make well-informed decisions when choosing effective solutions for maintaining youthful and fresh skin.

What are the advantages of non-surgical beauty treatments available in Shiraz?

While non-surgical cosmetic treatments may not produce as dramatic results as a facelift, they can still be effective. Some of the benefits of non-surgical cosmetic treatments include improving:

– Wrinkles and deep wrinkles

– Loss of facial volume

– Skin color and texture

Keeping that in mind, here are some of the key benefits of non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

The benefits of non-surgical beauty treatments in Shiraz:

– More affordable: Compared to surgical facelifts, non-surgical or minimally invasive methods are less expensive. On average, facelift surgery costs about $8,00. Botox treatment costs about $466 and chemical peels cost about $519.

– Less recovery time: The recovery time is significantly less. With some methods, you can return to work the same day.

– Fast in and out of the doctor’s office and saving time: many non-surgical treatments take less than an hour.

– Less discomfort compared to surgical procedures: Non-surgical treatments usually have minimal aftercare. In many cases, you can control any discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers.

– Fewer risks: Because you don’t need general anesthesia or large surgical incisions, there are usually fewer risks associated with non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Geddes-Bruce, a board-certified male dermatologist at Westlake Dermatology, sagging skin is just one of the natural consequences of aging. Losing volume in your face is also a major cause of premature aging, he explained. A surgical facelift does not remove many of the fine lines and skin tissue that develop with age. This is where fillers and skin-resurfacing devices like lasers come in.

Which non-surgical facelift treatments work better in Shiraz?

The best treatment for you depends on your goal. Some of the most popular requests from clients in this regard include:

• Firmer skin

• Less wrinkles

• Brighter skin

You can address these issues without resorting to surgery. Depending on your specific concerns, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon can assist you in determining the most suitable non-surgical procedure for your needs. Here are a few potential options to consider:

When it comes to reducing wrinkles and frown lines, injectable treatments such as Botox and other botulinum toxin injections are effective solutions. Methods using authentic Botox such as Mesport, Dysport, Xeomin, and Zeomin, which are botulinum toxins, are safe in small amounts.

These treatments work by temporarily blocking nerve signals and muscle contractions in the areas where they are injected. Botox treatment is FDA-approved, safe, and effective, helping to improve the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines, especially around the eyes and between the eyebrows.

This method may also reduce and prevent the formation of new wrinkles by preventing the contraction of some facial muscles. Possible side effects of Botox injection include:

• Redness

• Swelling

• Bruising

• Occasional headaches

• Drooping eyelid

• Flu-like symptoms

• In rare cases, venom may spread from the injection site

Botox is used for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. It can be used to treat migraines and reduce sweating in the armpits, palms, and feet, with results lasting about 3 to 4 months.

In Shiraz, filler injections are used to reduce wrinkles and restore facial volume. Nikhil Dhingra, a dermatologist at Spring Street Clinic, believes that fillers, colloquially referred to as gels, are another option for reducing wrinkles and restoring lost volume to certain areas of the face.

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that consist of gel-like materials such as hyaluronic acid, poly-L-lactic acid, or calcium hydroxylapatite. These substances are injected under the skin by a doctor.

• Noramis

• Javadram

• Radish

These fillers can strengthen the cheekbones, re-emphasize the chin and jaw lines, and improve the shape of the face, resulting in a fresher, more beautiful, and younger appearance. Dermal fillers typically last about 6 to 12 months and may require touch-ups to maintain results.

Possible side effects of filler injections include

• Bruising

• Swelling

• Infection

Although rare, more serious complications such as blindness can occur. It’s important to have an experienced and skilled dermatologist or plastic surgeon perform the treatment using gel and skin fillers due to the possibility of this serious side effect.

Another rare but possible complication is tissue death. This can occur when the filler enters a blood vessel and blocks blood flow to the skin, causing the skin to die. If not diagnosed in time, it can be catastrophic and lead to sores on your nose, lips, or cheeks.

So please make sure that the doctor or plastic surgeon has considerable experience in using fillers and then proceed to do cosmetic work in the presence of that person.

Skin tightening using laser in Shiraz

As we age, the skin loses its elasticity, resulting in a loose appearance. To help tighten the skin and achieve a more youthful appearance, professionals often use one of the energy-based skin tightening treatments we’ll discuss below.


One popular non-invasive procedure is Ultherapy, which delivers ultrasound heat energy to tighten and support the deeper layers of skin around your chin and facial area.

This method is more expensive than other non-surgical treatments. On average, non-surgical skin tightening costs about $2,300. According to the manufacturer, the results of Ultherapy last for several months to a year.

Short-term side effects may include:

•             Tingling

• Swelling

• Redness

• Thinness of the skin

• In rare cases, bruising or numbness for several days


Radiofrequency microneedling in Iran is another common procedure used to help create tighter, smoother skin.

With this method, the doctor uses small needles to deliver heat-based energy to the underlying layers of your skin. This can help in the production of new skin tissue and collagen, which is useful for solving problems related to sagging skin, scars and skin texture.

The cost of microneedling depends on the size of the area being worked on. You may need several micro sessions for best results. Although this method is considered safe for most people who are in good health, it may not be safe if you are pregnant or taking certain acne medications.

Common side effects can include

Slight irritation of the skin immediately after the operation and redness that lasts for a few days.

Fewer side effects of microneedling include:

• Long-term recovery

•             scar

• Infections

Skin exfoliation

Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing can help improve the texture, smoothness, and appearance of your skin.

Chemical peeling in Shiraz

Chemical peels may be a good option for improving skin texture or pigmentation problems. There is a wide variety of peels on the market, some are suitable for all skin types, while others are usually used for less pigmented skin to avoid post-treatment side effects.

More info: Chemical peeling

The most common side effects of peeling are:

• Redness

• Slight swelling

• Dryness

• Tingling sensation

Less common but more serious side effects can include:

• Scars or blisters

• Infections

• Change in skin color


Microdermabrasion is often used as a surface exfoliation to renew the skin’s overall tone and texture, which is considered a safe treatment for all skin types and colors.

This minimally invasive treatment is performed in the doctor’s office and usually takes less than an hour.

Microdermabrasion can help improve the following:

• Wrinkles and fine lines

• Sun damage

• Hyperpigmentation or age spots

• Acne scars

• Open skin pores

Common side effects that often go away a few hours after skin cleansing include:

• Redness

• Mild sensitivity

• Slight swelling

If you have taken the acne medication isotretinoin (Accutane) in the past 6 months, you may be at high risk for complications and may need to wait to have microdermabrasion.

Laser skin peeling in Iran

Laser skin resurfacing is another non-surgical treatment that is often used for:

• Improvement of skin texture

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Sun damage

•             Acne scars

• Uneven skin color

Based on your needs, the doctor will decide on the type of laser to use – abrasive or non-abrasive. Abrasive treatment removes the outer layers of the skin, while non-abrasive laser stimulates collagen production beneath the skin’s surface without removing the top layer. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, multiple treatments may be necessary, but the results typically last for several years.

Recovery usually takes a few days and the most common side effects are:

• Burning

• Bump

• Rash or redness

• Swelling

What are the limitations of non-surgical facelift in Shiraz?

Non-surgical treatments can help improve wrinkles and fine lines, as well as improve skin tone and firmness. However, these methods have limitations. For patients with severe skin laxity on the lower face, neck, and eyes, nonsurgical treatments are sometimes sufficient to completely correct these concerns, explains board-certified dermatologist Jessica Weiser, MD, FAAD, founder of Weiser Skin MD. The results are not permanent and usually require care.

With any procedure, to minimize risk and maximize results, it is important to consult with an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with these techniques.


Non-surgical cosmetic treatments offer natural results, are affordable, have fewer risks and require less downtime and recovery time compared to surgical lifts. These methods can be an effective option for the following:

• Reduction of wrinkles and frown lines

• Increase volume and firmness to your skin

• Improve the texture and smoothness of your skin

Although risks and complications are possible with any technique, the side effects of non-surgical facelift procedures are minimal. The most common side effects usually include:

• Redness

•             Stimulation

• Swelling

• Burning

• Thinness

To minimize complications, it is important to always consult an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Are you looking for a way to reduce wrinkles, frown lines or sagging skin? You are not alone. Every year, millions of people choose minimally invasive or non-surgical methods to change the appearance of their skin.

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