ND: YAG laser

Hair that grows on the face, upper lips hairs, forehead, ears, neck, abdomen, chin and under the chin and cheeks is called Hirsutism or excess hair growth. Removing these hairs is an unpleasant and difficult. There were various methods for removing excess hair for years. Face threading, shaving creams and powders, waxing, shaving machines, razors and tweezers, and chemical materials are some of these solutions to remove hairs. Due to the temporary and painful of these methods, we need a method that would eliminate the excess hair and difficult methods of removing them forever. In this regard, we can remove these hairs by using laser hair removal machine.


How laser hair removal works

If we want to explain the function of laser therapy briefly, it should be said that the light rays emitted from the laser device target skin pigments which called melanin.

The laser is applied to the skin and absorbed into the hair follicles, causing the melanin to heat up, resulting in the heating of the hair follicles, which eventually destroys the hair follicles.

Therefore, the goal of laser treatment is to damage the hair follicle to destroy that follicle and lose the ability of hair growth forever. However, it should be noted that in any case, the laser won`t remove all hairs in one session. (The reason why not all hair is lost in one session is related to the hair life cycle and growth stages).

The laser hair removing is depending on the skin type and different skin colors, a variety of lasers and their light sources can be used to remove excess body and face hair. Laser hair removal cause permanent and long-term hair loss and is a non-invasive method.

In the past, laser hair removal was used only for light-skinned people, but with the advancement of technology, today this method is also used for dark-skinned people and is safe for them.

In some cases, it may take several years to eliminate the excess hair. Cares must be taken after laser treatment. It is impossible to tell who needs a laser and how many sessions in order for the hair to be completely removed.


What is Nd: YAG laser device?

  • Wavelength: 1064 nm

This laser is the newest laser hair removal device on the market and is specifically designed to remove excess hair for tanned and dark skin. This type of device is effective in reducing hair growth in all skin types.

Due to the novelty of this type of laser, not enough research has been done on its long-term effect, but due to its high penetration depth compared to other lasers, the ND-YAG laser can also pass through dark skin pigments and directly effect on hair follicle hemoglobin. One of the advantages of this laser is the ability to adjust the penetration depth to a smaller value (with a wavelength of 532 nm) so that it can affect thinner hair close to the skin surface. However, its effectiveness has not been proven completely.

As it turns out, the ND-YAG laser is the first choice for people with dark skin. It is also used to treat various vascular problems. It is widely believed that the ND-YAG laser can be used to remove excess hair on different skin types, but it is most effective for people who live in East Asia and have slightly dark skin.


Benefits of ND-YAG laser

ND YAG laser is a new method for removing excess hair. Early laser devices performed better for fair skin and it was not possible to remove excess hair from tanned skin. The best benefit of the ND-YAG laser device is that it works effectively on all skin types, especially tanned and dark skin, and this is a feature that other devices are not able to do.

The frequencies emitted by this type of laser have the power and ability to penetrate deep into the skin to fully effect on hairs.

The hair which is exposed to the light of this laser loses its ability for growth and over time, you will notice that hair growth stops.

This laser is one of the most advanced and up-to-date technologies in the world among other available lasers, which has achieved over 90% success in most patients.

One problem of this laser device is the less effectiveness on lighter colored hair.


The best candidates for laser hair removal

In general, laser treatment for people with fair skin and black hair requires a fewer sessions, so note that if you plan to do both laser and tanning, first do the laser and then do tanning the skin. But in general, lasers are used to treat most people with different skin colors and even light brown hair. Hair that is naturally yellow, bright red, or white has little pigment in its roots, so it cannot be completely removed with any laser.

Avoid laser hair removal if you:

  • Age less than 17 years
  • Having infectious diseases
  • Congenital skin diseases
  • Tonsil or thyroid cancer
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Sunburned skin
  • Diabetes
  • Take Rakuten

Although the effect of laser on embryos has not been proven so far. Laser hair removal is also not recommended for pregnant women.

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