Mole laser removal in Shiraz

The best way to remove facial or body moles is to see a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. The specialist doctor will suggest you the best methods and you will be the final decision maker. Before deciding to remove a mole on the face and skin, talk to your doctor about the cost of mole removal, the amount of pain, the duration of the treatment, the possibility of scarring, and the possibility of the mole returning.

What is a mole?

In medical terms, moles are called nevus. In fact, a mole is a small and dark lesion; It is a collection of pigmented cells that appear as dark and small spots on the skin and have different sizes and colors. Moles usually appear on the face, hands, legs, and torso, but they can also appear in other parts of the body. Skin moles are harmless in most cases.

What factors cause the formation of moles?

Moles can be formed due to exposure to sunlight, hereditary and genetic factors, and hormonal changes in the body such as puberty or pregnancy. The number of moles varies from person to person, but an adult with a low melanocyte count has an average of 10 to 40 moles of different types, shapes, colors, and sizes.

The most important types of moles

Common mole

These moles are between 5-6 mm in diameter and have clear edges, smooth and slightly domed surfaces, and fixed pigments. Normal moles have the potential to turn into skin cancer with continued exposure to sunlight, but this rarely happens.

Abnormal mole

Abnormal moles are moles with irregular markings. There are imprecise and unclear borders, different colors, unusual sizes, and flat and non-flat parts next to each other. Unusual moles are larger than normal moles and have irregular colors and edges. These moles are among the moles that are more exposed to the risk of cancer, but fortunately, most of them are benign cancers. Therefore, regularly checking moles by a doctor can prevent the possibility of diseases such as skin cancer


Congenital or hereditary birthmarks are so-called birthmarks that are on the body at birth. These moles, which are caused by melanocyte cells in the middle layer of the skin or epidermis in the outer layer of the skin or both cells, can be of different sizes. Birthmarks also have the potential to develop melanoma later in life. Therefore, they should be regularly checked by a specialist doctor during adolescence and adulthood.

Moles growth over time

These types of moles did not exist from the beginning and often appear in childhood, adolescence, and sometimes in adulthood. They are mostly harmless, but sometimes they can turn into cancerous moles when they reach puberty. Such moles are the most common type of moles that are usually caused by continuous exposure to sunlight.

Mole removal methods

Some people are not very happy with the appearance of moles and it is not pleasant for them, so they prefer to remove them. This is even though mole removal is necessary for people who have been diagnosed with melanoma.

There are different methods of mole removal and each has advantages and disadvantages. Before starting to remove a mole, examine and study the methods of mole removal, to choose the right method for removing facial and body moles.

Currently, there are various methods for mole removal in Iran, but in general, there are scientific and well-known methods for mole removal, which are divided into three categories: surgery, laser therapy, and natural treatment:

1- Mole surgery in Shiraz

One of the methods of removal of facial and body moles is the surgical method, which can be performed in three ways: complete tracheal excision, punch biopsy, and incisional surgery, and it is performed in Irsa Clinic by a highly skilled dermatologist.

Complete chip removal method: This method can be used for prominent moles. In this method, the doctor uses local anesthesia for the area near the mole and then cuts the surface of the mole with a sharp and small surgical knife and flattens the skin near it.

Punch biopsy method: This method is usually suitable for smaller skin moles. In this method, a special device is used to punch a cube-shaped piece of skin.

Incisional surgery: In the case of smooth or malignant skin moles, surgical method with incision is used. The surgeon cuts the mole completely and closes the wound with stitches.

It should be mentioned that in the case of patients with cancerous moles, the only effective way to remove the mole is surgery.

Surgery can also be used to remove moles. The reason for doing this surgery can be because of changes in appearance or color, unevenness, pain, or movement problems for the person. Surgery to remove a mole is quick and easy. This type of surgery does not require anesthesia and hospitalization and is considered an outpatient procedure. This operation is performed with a local anesthetic.

2- Mole laser in Shiraz

This painless and safe method is suitable for removing smooth, brown, or black moles. The length of the treatment period in the laser mole removal method is usually between one and three sessions, which is done by fractional co2 laser or plasma device at Irsa clinic.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser mole removal in Iran

• It is a non-invasive treatment method

• Does not need to break or burn the skin

• The possibility of removing multiple moles during one treatment session

• The risk of infection in laser mole removal is very low

• The laser beam can penetrate parts of the body such as the face or nose, it may be difficult to treat these parts with other methods.

• Laser surgery to remove moles is usually safe and the possibility of wounding is minimal (about 1%), even some people feel a slight pain like a plastic band hitting the skin.

Mole removal methods and costs

At Irsa clinic we have two methods to removal the moles:

  1. Surgery method which cost about 70 $ per mole
  2. Laser mole removal which cost about 20 $ per mole

Visit a dermatologist

It is recommended to consult a skin and hair specialist. They can introduce you to specific tips and products to solve this problem.

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