Enlarged pores treatment in Iran

Large pore treatment by laser in Shiraz is one of the methods used in the field of skin improvement and treatment of problems related to open skin pores in Iran. This process is done using laser technology and helps to regulate skin pores. In this process, the laser beam is irradiated to the skin penetrates the middle layer of the skin (dermis), and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This increase in collagen and elastin production improves open skin pores. In the following, we will review more explanations about laser skin open pores. What is meant by large skin pores?

Enlarge pores are tiny hairs on the skin. These hairs are attached to the surface of the skin through a secretory sac. These pores help the secretion of skin fat to be transferred to the surface of the skin and keep the skin soft and moist.

What causes large pores?

Several factors can cause large skin pores which include:

Excessive skin oil: Excessive oil production in the skin can lead to open pores.

Hormonal disorder: Hormonal changes during pregnancy, and age-related hormonal changes can cause the urethra to open.

Use of unhealthy cosmetic products: Using greasy and inappropriate cosmetic products can open skin pores.

Air pollution: skin contact with environmental pollution such as dust and polluted particles can help open pores.

Using the wrong sunscreen: The wrong sunscreen may not protect the skin from the sun and may cause skin pores enlargement.

how to you fix enlarged pores?

Large skin pores can lead to skin problems such as oily skin, acne, enlarged pores, and even skin infections.

Laser applications of large skin pores in Iran

This process is used as a method of skin rejuvenation and treatment of skin problems such as open pores, oily skin, and chronic acne. It can also be useful for improving skin texture and relieving signs of skin aging.

Benefits of laser treatment for enlarged skin pores in Iran Shiraz

• Improving large skin pores and shrinking their size.

• Increasing the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

• Improving skin texture and softness.

• Help to rejuvenate the skin and reduce signs of aging.

Possible side effects of laser large pores in Iran

The procedure is mostly safe, but you may temporarily experience short-term side effects such as swelling, redness, and pain at the laser site.

Care before laser enlarged pores in Shiraz

Care before laser skin large pores in Iran is important to ensure better results and the absence of unwanted side effects. Here are the cares before performing this type of skin laser:

Consultation with a doctor: The first important step is to consult a dermatologist. In a consultation session, the doctor will evaluate your skin type to perform laser open pores and determine if this method is suitable for your skin or not. It also determines the type of treatment and the number of necessary sessions.

Preventing sunburn: Your skin should not be sunburned. Before the laser session, you should avoid sunburn. The use of sunscreens with an appropriate SPF protection factor and protective coverings (such as hats and long dresses) are recommended.

Avoid using products that irritate the skin: before the laser session, avoid using products that may irritate the skin, such as strong anti-acne products or unprotected from the sun. Also, avoid using anti-acne products.

Avoid taking certain medications: If you are taking certain medications, consult your doctor to check their effect on the laser session. Some medications may interfere with the laser.

Cleanliness of the skin: The skin must be free of cosmetics, oil, and excess pollution. Before the laser session, the skin is carefully cleaned. Washing with a special product is usually recommended before the session.

Skin health: The skin must be healthy. Absence of infection, freshly wounded and manipulated skin and no contact with contaminated materials are very important.

Disclosure of medical history: Provide your doctor with detailed information about your medical history, illnesses, allergies, and medication use.

Smoking and alcohol cessation: If you smoke, avoid it before the laser session. Alcohol consumption should not be too much in the days before the meeting.

By following these precautions, you can provide a better background for laser skin large pores in Shiraz and get better results at Irsa dermatology clinic in Shiraz Iran.

​ Care after laser enlarged pores in Iran

After laser-enlarged pores in Shiraz, the skin becomes sensitive to sunlight, so it is very important to use sunscreen and protect the skin from sunlight.

The number of sessions required for laser enlarged pores in Shiraz

The number of sessions required to improve large skin pores in Iran depends on your skin condition and the type of laser used. which usually requires more than a couple of laser sessions. Note that the open pores laser should be performed by a skilled and experienced specialist to avoid unwanted side effects and obtain the desired results.

How to prevent large skin pores?

  To prevent large pores, you can use the right skin care products, have a healthy and regular diet, use cosmetics and sun protection products suitable for your skin type, and reduce skin contact with polluted substances and pollution. It is also suggested to visit a dermatologist and beauty specialist to receive accurate diagnosis and guidance on proper care and necessary treatments. Your doctor may suggest treatment methods such as laser pore opening or topical medications to solve these problems. It is recommended that you never attempt to self-medicate or use medicinal products without consulting a doctor, as this may aggravate skin problems or lead to more serious complications.

Large skin pores cost in Iran

Large skin pores cost depends on the type of treatment which dermatologist recommends you. the average cost in about 250$per session.

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