Laser removal of scars and acnes in Shiraz

The remaining effects of skin problems and complications such as pimples or acne and boils or injuries caused by car accidents, surgery, and other accidents are pimples or scars. These pimples or scars are formed on the skin surface and have an unpleasant appearance that overshadows the person’s beauty, especially if they are prominent. Laser is an effective weapon that can be used to repair the skin of scars and pimples

Laser removal of scars and acnes in Shiraz

All kinds of pimples and scars

Hypertrophic: This type of boil and scar is pink, prominent, and hard, which remains within the original wound and lesion and does not protrude from it.

Keloid or extra flesh: This type of boil and scar is purple-red, hard, and raised and leaves the area of the original wound or lesion.

Atrophic: In this case, there are semi needle depressions on the skin, which are the remains of diseases or skin disorders such as pimples or acne. Boils are a common problem that harms both the beauty and the spirit of a person, and a combination of ablative and non-ablative methods are used to treat it achieve satisfactory clinical results, and minimize the recovery period. Pimples are the result of the narrowing of the skin layers and the reduction of elasticity and loosening of the skin, the intensity and depth of which depend on the duration of the pimple.

The benefits of treating pimples and scars with laser and comparing it with other methods

– Skin beautification:

Wounds and pimples usually leave an unsightly mark on the skin and even get worse over time. Removing scars and pimples with a laser removes the unpleasant effects to a great extent, and sometimes the skin can even be completely smoothed. The benefit of this method is flawless skin that does not show the slightest trace of a previous wound or pimple.

– Minimum discomfort:

The amount of discomfort resulting from this method depends on the type of scar or pimple, and overall the patient suffers minimal discomfort. The doctor applies anesthesia at his discretion to ensure that the patient is completely comfortable during the procedure.

– Very short recovery period and no need to rest after the operation:

After most of the operations are performed with a laser to remove pimples and scars, there is no need to rest or a short period is enough, so the patient can resume daily activities immediately after the operation, regardless of whether the operation is small or small. Scars and pimples have disrupted his busy life.

Pimples and wounds treatment in Iran

Pimples and wounds treatment in Iran

Lasers are usually used to improve the appearance or remove scars and pimples on the surface of the skin. By deeply affecting the layers of the skin, laser therapy stimulates new skin cells and collagen to regenerate and repair damaged tissues. To achieve an optimal result, more than one laser source should be used to selectively and effectively access different depths of the involved tissue, so that the skin surface is returned to its natural state and new collagen is produced.

By being able to control the depth of the repair and vaporization processes, carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) and erbium laser sources can reduce obvious atrophy and smooth the edges of the weld.

Fractional carbon dioxide laser (CO2 fractional) also stimulates the production of new collagen by using the latest technology of the day and affects not only the outer part but also the depth of the lesion.

Also, the treatment of pimples and scars using radiofrequency and IPL (intense pulsed light) is used depending on the type of complication and skin type.

which emits a laser beam, they sit and can be completely comfortable while watching TV or reading a magazine. This treatment method is so simple and convenient!

Our specialists at the Irsa specialized skin, hair, and beauty clinic first evaluate the cause, type, and severity of your problem and then suggest the most suitable treatment method to solve this problem.

You can refer to the following links for more information on how each of the mentioned laser methods works and the therapeutic benefits.

How much does the treatment cost?

First step the dermatologist need to check up you skin then the best treatment will be chosen. The average cost is about 500$ to 800$.

Visit a dermatologist

It is recommended to consult a skin and hair specialist. They can introduce you to specific tips and products to solve this problem.

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