Erbium laser

Erbium laser, like other skin and hair laser methods, is a powerful and effective tool in skin repair. In general, erbium lasers are in the category of destructive lasers. This means that these lasers improve the patient’s condition by destroying the damaged part of the skin.

The basis of erbium laser work is the conversion of laser energy into thermal energy at specified points. As a result, due to the amount of heat generated by the laser, in a certain area, it causes clotting, destruction or separation of damaged skin cells and peeling of the skin, which results in the elimination of skin wrinkles, stains, scars and…. Generally, the Erbium laser works by removing a thin, superficial layer of skin.

Applications of Erbium laser:

By this method, we can eliminate the darkness and blemishes of the skin caused by sunlight and…

This laser is also used to lighten the colored spots and change the surface pigmentation of the skin.

Erbium laser is a good and safe tool for treating various types of skin lesions such as moles, warts and scars caused by acne, surgery, trauma, chicken pox and so on.

It can be used in some patients as a tool to rejuvenate the skin and remove superficial lines and the signs of skin aging.

However, the physician’s experience and the patient’s skin condition that indicate what type of treatment should be performed. For example, wrinkles caused by aging and prolonged exposure to sunlight treated well with Erbium laser. However, wrinkles caused by constant use of muscles, like forehead wrinkles, cannot be removed with this treatment and may be reduced or eliminated them temporarily. Finally, due to the high accuracy and power of erbium laser, it is widely used in the field of beauty and skin treatments, which you can see a list of things as follow that can be improved by this laser:

Benefits of Erbium laser

Perhaps the most important advantage of using an erbium laser is the speed of achieving the desired results. As mentioned before, this method removes a layer of skin surface by laser and naturally makes the positive results of this method show itself much faster than other methods. However, the process of healing and skin improvement continues 3 to 6 months after the laser and it is significant.

Do not forget that in other treatments like laser (non-invasive) several weeks and a few sessions is needed to reach the desirable result.

Finally, the benefits of Laser Erbium are as follow:

  1. Visible effect
  2. High impact
  3. Ability to improve skin condition and surgery without skin contact
  4. Low swelling after surgery
  5. The least amount of pain
  6. No need to use anesthesia (in most cases)
  7. No side effects after surgery


Who should not use Erbium laser?

People who have previously been treated with laser and have problems such as skin discoloration, skin ulcers or tissue scarring, it is better not to use this treatment.

Also, people with skin and blood diseases and immune system problems should consult their doctor before laser. Because the recovery process in these people is usually difficult and slow.

Another group that should consult with their doctor about using the Erbium laser is people who have taken isotretinoin in the last 6 to 12 months. Since it increases the risk of postoperative wound.

Bacterial and virus infections on the skin and also a history of abnormal lesions such as colloids and hypertrophy are other reasons for avoiding the Erbium laser.

Finally, not only for Erbium lasers, but also for any type of surgery or medication and medical, therapeutic, and diagnostic procedures, the best is to consult a specialist doctor about all medical history and medications before having the procedure, without worrying.

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