What is dimpleplasty or dimple creation in Iran?

Dimpleplasty in Shiraz is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to create cheek dimples, which appear when laughing. This surgery allows you to have a natural and attractive smile on your face.

Dimpleplasty in Iran

The main steps of dimpleplasty in Iran  

In the following, we examine the main stages of cheek dimples in Shiraz:

• Consultation: Before cheek dimples surgery, you should meet a specialist doctor. At this stage, discuss your goals and needs with the doctor and he will explain to you how the surgery is performed, examine its benefits and complications, and find answers to your questions.

Anesthesia: Before dimpleplasty in Iran surgery begins, you will be prepared for local or general anesthesia. Your specialist doctor will decide which type of anesthesia is right for you.

Making an incision: After anesthesia, the doctor will make a small incision in your cheeks. This incision is usually placed inside the mouth at a point where the laugh hole is desirable.

Convolution: Next, the doctor creates a convolution in the underlying soft tissue. This complexity causes laughter.

Suturing: Finally, the doctor closes the incision and stitches.

Dimple surgery in Shiraz

Post-surgery care of dimpleplasty in Iran  

After dimpleplasty surgery, you must strictly follow the doctor’s instructions and recommendations. Proper care after surgery can help the cleft heal faster and more effectively. In the following, I will mention some general recommendations after the cheek dimples in Shiraz:

Cold compress: To reduce and relieve swelling and pain after surgery, your doctor may advise you to use ice or a cold compress. This will help reduce swelling and pain.

Medications: Your doctor may prescribe painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications to control pain and swelling. Carefully follow the instructions for taking the medication.

Proper nutrition: It is recommended to use soft and chopped foods after surgery and to remove hard and solid materials from your diet. Consuming fluids and water in sufficient amounts is also important.

Care of the surgical incision: You must follow the restrictions and care that your doctor specifies. Careful care of incisions and sutures helps to preserve better and heal faster from surgery. After surgery, you should avoid applying pressure or hitting the sutures. This can help prevent stitches from coming apart and delaying healing.

Follow oral hygiene recommendations: To prevent infection and oral problems, you must carefully follow oral hygiene instructions after surgery. Including brushing your teeth carefully and using antibiotics

Compliance with restrictions: the doctor may recommend that you limit some activities for a while. This may include exercise or strenuous physical activity. Adhering to these restrictions will help you recover faster.

Follow-up with a doctor: The post-surgery care program includes appointments for follow-up with a doctor. These appointments may include checking the surgical condition, removing sutures, and providing additional guidance. Attendance at these appointments is very important.

It is important to read all the recommendations and instructions of your doctor carefully and ask him your questions before surgery. Also, let your doctor know about any worrisome symptoms after surgery so they can guide you.

Advantages and disadvantages of dimple surgery in Iran

We review the benefits and possible complications associated with dimpleplasty surgery in Iran below:


Increasing the beauty of the face: cleft palate surgery can make the appearance of the face more attractive and younger. Dimples are known as a beauty component in the cheeks and can have a special effect on the face.

Builds self-confidence: Having a dimple can boost your self-confidence and make you more comfortable in social interactions and photos.

Relatively simple surgery: Laughter surgery is usually a superficial and low-risk surgery and generally does not cause serious or new problems.

Dimple surgery in Iran- Irsa clinic

Dimples creation side effects

Infection: As with any surgery, infection at the surgical site is possible. Strict adherence to all health recommendations after surgery can reduce this risk.

Swelling and pain: after surgery, temporary swelling and pain in the surgical area are possible. These problems usually subside in the first few days after surgery.

Failure to meet expectations: after surgery, the shape and position of the pits may be different from your expectations. To avoid this problem, it is very important to consult and talk fully with the doctor before surgery.

Incomplete reversibility means that in some people, the pits may form incompletely or irregularly and the final result of the surgery may not match your expectations.

Change in sensitivity or muscle movement: In some cases, cleft palate surgery may result in a change in the sensitivity of the operated area or a decrease in cheek muscle movement. This issue may worry some people.

Regret after surgery: If the result of surgery does not match your expectations, you may experience regret or discomfort after surgery. This issue may require re-surgery or other treatment methods.

The right age for cheek dimple surgery

The right age for dimpleplasty or cheek dimples in Shiraz may be different for each person and depends on various factors. In choosing the right age for hole surgery, the most important factors to consider are:

Growth and development of the face: to ensure the desired and stable result of the surgery, the face must be fully developed. This means that the bones and tissues of the face are fully formed and developed.

Predicting the shape of the hole: In choosing the right age, it is important to predict that the shape and position of the hole will not change over time. So, once the face has finished growing and its final shape has settled, you can usually make a decision.

Personal preferences: The most important factor in deciding to undergo cavity surgery is your personal preference. If you are really interested in having cheek dimples and you will be satisfied with the result, you can consult a doctor.

However, to determine the right age for cavity surgery, it is better to consult a specialist doctor. Your doctor can help you determine the right age for surgery by examining your individual characteristics and making appropriate recommendations.

cheek dimple surgery in Iran- Irsa clinic

Good candidate for cheek dimple surgery in Iran

The criteria that can identify a person as a suitable candidate for dimpleplasty in Iran include:

Face structure: People whose face structure is suitable for having dimples and have enough space to create dimples in the middle of the cheeks are the best candidates for surgery.

Growth and development of the face: to ensure the desired result, the face must be fully developed and the tissues and bones must be fully formed.

Personal preferences: personal desire to have a mole and a strong desire to improve the appearance of the face by creating a mole are among the important criteria in choosing the right candidate.

Ability to heal properly: For the success of the surgery and faster recovery, factors such as the body’s ability to heal, the absence of many problems with the facial skin, and the absence of a history of chronic infections are very important.

General health: A person’s general health conditions can also be influential in determining a suitable candidate for surgery. Your doctor must perform a thorough evaluation of your health and determine whether you are ready for surgery.

It is important to consult with a medical professional before making a decision about cleft palate surgery and get detailed information about the benefits and potential side effects. Also, it is very important to follow all the doctor’s recommendations and orders after surgery to have a better and faster recovery. Your doctor can guide you to make the right decision about making this change to your face by examining your individual characteristics and careful evaluation.

Dimple surgery cost in Iran

Dimple surgery cost in Iran

For cheek dimples, you would need to pay around $400-$1,000 (including all the related costs like local anesthesia, doctor’s visit, etc.).

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