Buttocks Implant in Iran 

Buttocks implant is a complex, important and high-risk surgery that is performed permanently in order to enlargement and shape the buttocks. These days, many women are looking to enlarge and change the shape of their buttocks. If you cannot shape and enlarge your buttocks with exercise and diet, you can use Buttock implant surgery enlarge and shape your buttocks. And buttocks implant surgery can solve the problem of low buttocks fat. By using buttock implant, you can create a more attractive appearance in this area of ​​the body and the person’s buttocks will be more beautiful.

Why Buttocks Implant in Iran?

The buttocks are an important part of the human body that plays an important role in beauty. In youth, the buttocks have their own shape and prominence. By aging or weight loss, the beauty of the buttocks shape decreases and the buttock muscles become weak.

In other words, at this time the buttocks fat relaxes and the collagen of the skin loses its elastics, so sagging buttocks are common. This occurs in women who lose weight or do not exercise and causes a deformity, so that the sides become bigger than the buttocks and the below the buttocks wrinkles will appear. In these cases, the shape of the buttocks should be improved using cosmetic and beauty methods.

In some people inheritably have flat buttocks are and this operation helps a lot in the beauty of their buttocks. Also, buttocks implant is necessary in people who are very thin and do not have fat.

In people with very drooping buttocks and have lost a lot of weight, the buttocks implant is not very effective, but a surgical lift is performed. The surgery is done to remove excess skin from the top of the buttock wrinkles.

Buttocks implant is a surgery performed to correct congenital malformations of the buttocks area (gluteal area). Buttocks implant makes your Buttock and pelvis look better and by shaping the deformity of your buttock we can helps you to solve many problems like decreased of your self-confidence that your buttock has caused.

Benefits of Buttock Implant in Iran

People who do not have enough fat in their body can have formed and well-shaped buttocks

Unlike buttocks fat injections, buttocks implant in Ian results are long-lasting and permanent

  • Solving physical problems and increasing self-confidence
  • Creating and enlarging more attractive buttocks
  • Achieve a balanced and beautiful appearance
  • Buttocks implant is performed to improve the buttocks appearance of people who have congenital problems or those who want a more beautiful appearance, enlargement and size with their Buttocks.

In any case, the patient must have enough information about the surgery. Be sure to tell your doctor your reasons for the Buttocks implant. Finally, you can have Buttocks implant with complete information about the surgery.

Who can have buttocks implant?

Buttocks implant surgery can be performed to tighten and correct the natural shape of the buttocks in people who are not satisfied with the shape and size of their Buttocks. Buttocks implant is also done to increase the volume and round shape of the buttocks in people who have flat or small Buttocks. Best candidates for Buttocks implant surgery are men and women who want to increase the size of their buttocks and improve its shape. The important thing you need to keep in mind is that this surgery, like liposuction, is not suitable for solving the problem of overweight patients. In fact, only patients of ideal weight and within a healthy weight range can have this surgery to shape their buttocks that cannot be corrected through exercise and diet. For example, this operation is done to shape and correct the shape of the lower back and upper buttocks.

Buttocks implant cost in Iran

The buttocks implant cost in other countries cost about 10.000$, while in Iran it cost about 2500$ to 3500$. 

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