Buccal fat removal surgery in Shiraz is a cosmetic surgery performed to reduce the volume of the cheeks and extract part of the buccal fat tissue (fat tissue in the cheek area). This procedure is mainly used for facial rejuvenation, modeling, and slimming.

Is it good to remove buccal fat?

Buccal fat removal surgery procedure in Shiraz Iran

The main steps of the buccal fat operation are as follows:

• Anesthesia: They use general or local anesthesia to relieve local pain for your comfort during surgery. Be careful that your doctor will determine the anesthesia method based on your condition.

• Incision: The doctor makes a small incision inside the mouth, near the tissue of the cheeks. The incision is usually placed behind the lower teeth so that it is invisible.

• Access to fat tissue: by making an incision, the doctor can access the buccal fat tissue. This fatty tissue can be easily separated and removed.

Fat tissue extraction: the doctor carefully extracts part of the buccal fat tissue. The amount extracted may vary depending on the needs and decisions of the doctor and your expectations.

• Closing the surgical space and sutures: after extracting the fat tissue, the incision is closed with absorbable sutures. These stitches are usually placed in the mouth and gums.

• Post-operative recovery: After the buccal fat operation in Shiraz Iran, you will be transferred to one of the recovery rooms to be monitored by the doctor. This process may include monitoring swelling, pain control, and post-surgical care.

• Returning to daily activities: After buccal fat surgery in Ian Shiraz City, you must take the necessary care and adhere to the doctor’s instructions. During this period, you should avoid heavy activities and sports to help your body fully recover.

• Post-operative visits: After buccal fat surgery in Shiraz Iran, your doctor will arrange periodic visits at specific times to check your results and progress.

• Final results: The final results of buccal fat surgery in Iran Shiraz City at Irsa clinic are usually visible gradually and over time. The swelling of the cheek area will decrease and you will see changes in the shape and form of your face. Over time, the final result of reducing the volume of the cheeks and slimming the face will be quite evident.

Be aware that the importance of following post-operative instructions, returning to daily activities, and caring for the surgical area are essential to maintain the desired result of buccal fat removal; surgery in Iran Shiraz City. Also, always stay in touch with your doctor and visit him if you have any questions or concerns.

Who is not a good candidate for buccal fat removal in Iran Shiraz city?

Good candidates for buccal fat surgery in Iran at Irsa Clinic include:

• People with round faces: Buccal fat surgery in Iran is very suitable for people with round faces and excessive cheekbones. By removing a part of the buccal fat tissue in Shiraz Irsa clinic, the face looks slimmer and more proportional.

• People with plump cheeks: If your face looks full and fleshy and you have weaknesses such as plump cheeks and fleshy chin, buccal fat surgery in Iran can be a good option for you.

• Young people: Buccal fat surgery in Iran Shiraz city is very suitable for young people whose buccal fat tissue still has a visible mass. In this case, removing the buccal fat tissue, it changes the shape of the face significantly.

• People with improper facial proportions: If your face is uneven or improperly proportioned, and the cheekbones and other parts of the face seem inconsistent in their interactions with each other, buccal fat may be suitable for creating balance and harmony in the face.

Advantages and possible complications of buccal fat removal surgery in Iran

Buccal fat surgery in Iran, as stated, can bring significant results in facial rejuvenation. But it may also come with possible risks and complications. In the following, I will point out some of the advantages and possible complications of buccal fat surgery in Shiraz:

Advantages of buccal fat removal surgery in Iran Shiraz city

• Slimming and rejuvenation of the face: by removing the buccal fat tissue, the volume and fullness of the cheeks will decrease and your face will look thinner and younger.

• Improving facial balance: Buccal fat surgery in Iran at Irsa Clinic can improve the balance and matching between different parts of the face and make the face appear more proportional and beautiful.

• Quick return process: Recovery time after buccal fat surgery in Iran is relatively short and many people return to their daily activities quickly.

What is buccal fat removal in Iran?

Possible side effects of buccal fat removal surgery in Shiraz Iran

• Swelling: After the buccal fat procedure in Iran, the cheek area may swell. This swelling usually resolves naturally over time but may be uncomfortable for the first few days after surgery.

• Discomfort and pain: Some people may experience mild discomfort and pain in the cheek area after buccal fat surgery in Iran. Usually, this pain is controlled by taking pain relievers and gradually improves over a few days.

• Infection: There is a risk of infection in any surgery, and buccal fat surgery is no exception. By strictly following the hygiene recommendations and taking care of the surgical area, the possibility of infection can be reduced. If signs of infection such as swelling, severe pain, redness, and unusual discharge appear at the surgical site, you should notify your doctor.

Background complications

Some of the side effects that may occur as a result of buccal fat surgery are: bleeding, dry mouth, tightness and cramping in the surgical area, temporary muscle sensation and movement impairment, temporary speech impairment, and change in the tactile sensation of the surgical area. These side effects are generally temporary and improve over time.


It is important to consult a specialist at Irsa Clinic before deciding on buccal fat surgery in Iran. Based on the structure of your face and your expectations, the doctor will determine the appropriate amount of fat tissue removal and will provide you with complete explanations about the process and possible results. Also, ask your doctor for more information about the risks, side effects, and even the benefits of this procedure in order to make the best decision.

The surgical area and the correct use of drugs and protection of the surgical area are very important. Strictly following the doctor’s recommendations after surgery, including activity restrictions, prescribing medications, using appropriate clothing, and taking care of the surgical area can help in faster recovery and return to normal.

Also, your doctor may give you advice about proper nutrition and diet after surgery. Foods rich in vitamin C and protein, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish, can help repair and rebuild tissue.

It is also important to rest enough after the surgery and not try to do heavy activities. To reduce the risk of infection, keeping the surgical area clean and avoiding moisture may be recommended.

How much buccal fat removal surgery cost in Iran?

The buccal fat removal surgery in Shiraz the range cost at Irsa dermatology clinic is from $600-$1000. You can get free consultation from Irsa dermatologist before your trip to Iran

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