Pre and Post Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Skin Care Before and After Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure and the use of tanning devices and materials for two to four weeks before the laser.
  • Stop using anti-aging and exfoliating products 20 to 30 days before fractional CO2 laser. Avoid aspirin, Advil and naproxen or any other anti-inflammatory drug if possible. Avoid any glycolic acid treatments. Stop using minocycline, tetracycline and doxycycline. Avoid waxing, abrasive rubbing, and microdermabrasion treatments.
  • Before fractional CO2 laser treatment, the patient should be examined by a dermatologist. The patient's expectations are assessed and the extent of improvement is determined by the physician and the method of treatment.
  • An anesthetic ampule is not required for fractional CO2 lasers treatment, and only the use of topical anesthetic creams, which usually contain lidocaine or prilocaine, is sufficient. These creams are applied to the subject one hour before the laser so that the treatment will be painless.
  • The duration of fractional CO2 laser is usually about 30 minutes. And after the treatment the skin may swell and blush. Usually, the doctor reduces the swelling and redness with ice compress.
  • Fortunately, this type of laser, like older generation lasers, does not require dressing; Creams such as zinc oxide, repair creams, and antibiotics may be prescribed by your doctor just to speed the recovery.
  • The day after the fractional CO2 laser, the skin looks like a slight burn or sunburn and looks a little darker. This condition should improve within a week with peeling; And in about two weeks, the redness and scabs formed on the skin will disappear.
  • At this stage, the fresh skin that is reddish and thin may observed; In about three weeks, this slight redness disappears and your skin returns to a completely natural and rejuvenated state.
  • It is recommended not to be exposed to direct sunlight for 6 days after fractional CO2 laser treatment. Also, after this period and until the skin is completely healed (about 3 weeks), half an hour before leaving the house, be sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF above 30.
  • Also, do not use regular creams and cosmetics in the first week after the laser.
  • Do not tear or manipulate if a scab forms on the site being treated with fractional laser CO.

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