How to prevent keloid tissue

How to prevent keloid tissue


If your skin is damaged, you may need the following things, so it is best to have these available:

  • Vaseline Gauze Dress
  • Hydrogel wound dressing
  • Silicone foil or gel
  • Sunscreen with SPF above 30, wide range protection and waterproof


You also need to take some wound care measures:

Wash the affected area immediately with soap and water. Keeping the wound clean helps reduce the chance of keloidal tissue forming. Avoid using substances such as hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or betadine to clean the wound. These substances can dry the wound too much. Milk soap and saline solution disinfect the wound without drying it out.

Bandage your wound with sterile Vaseline.

Gently clean the wound every day until it is completely healed. Avoid rubbing the wound with your hand or any other object.

Protect injured skin from the sun. Studies have shown that the sun's ultraviolet rays increase the likelihood of keloidal tissue formation and scarring. You can prevent these complications by covering your wound with clothing or a bandage.

Also, it is better to avoid using hair removal laser in the first days after scarring.

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