What is Liposuction or Tummy Tuck?

What is Liposuction or Tummy Tuck?

Lipomatic, which is known as a quick and easy way to lose fat, and it is one of the most effective slimming methods that can crush and deplete body fat locally, and ultimately make the body beautiful and get rid of excess fat. Be aware that slimming with lipomatics does not pose a risk to the person and causes a significant amount of fat to be removed from the body without any possible problems. Of course, before surgery, you need a thorough examination by a surgeon to be sure of the outcome of the surgery. Lipomatic is safe and there is no risk of embolism.

Using infrasonic waves and constant vibration and oscillation around the axis, the lipomatic separates the fat cells from their joints and removes them safely from under the skin by suctioning without destroying the fat cells. For this reason, the fat cells removed by this technique can be used again as a filler to bulk up the cheeks and face or other organs. It should be noted that this fat is much more durable and less swollen after injection as a filler and is much healthier than the fat extracted by suction (Intact).


Advantages of lipomatic in contrast with other methods

The unity of the subcutaneous fat layer is excellent in lipomatics, and there are no residual fat residues that are felt under the skin in other methods of suction under the skin.

The need to wear the belly belt in this method is two weeks for the patient, which is much shorter compared to traditional suction (6 months) and laser lipolysis (2-4 months). At the same time, closing the belly belt for 30-40 days is recommended for better shrinkage of the skin.

The shrinkage of the skin in this method is much better than other methods of suction due to less damage to the skin trabeculae.

In this method, local anesthesia is usually sufficient and the patient is not in pain, while in other methods of suction, if performed under local anesthesia, the patient usually have pain and usually needs sedatives and hypnotics, and even mild anesthesia.

Swelling and postoperative discharge are much less in this method, and the discharge from the suction site eventually lasts 36 hours, while in other methods the suction is longer.

The risk of infection in lipomatics is very low.

The possibility of fat embolism is very low compared to other methods of suction

Fatigue and bruising after surgery are much less than other methods of suction.

Lipomatic surgery is a useful way for those who avoid surgical incisions and the effects of stitches because they are incision-free and without sutures.


Although liposuction of the skin is much better than other methods, surgery will be needed in cases where the skin is very loose and sagging. However, post-lipomatic surgery will be more limited in surgery with patients who have not had liposuction with less liposuction, and in many cases abdominoplasty, which requires removal of the umbilicus and replacement of the umbilical cord, after lipomatic surgery. The umbilicus can be kept in place and the sagging skin under the abdomen can be removed with a more limited incision.


Lipomatically treatable areas

Abdominal, lumbar, buttocks, chest, knees, hips, neckline, and lower chin, thighs (outside and inside of the thighs), arms


How is lipomatic surgery performed?

Using a 2 to 5 mm diameter, a hole is made in the parts of the body where the lipomatic operation is to be performed. The device enters the adipose tissue through the hole created and uses ultraviolet waves to destroy the adipose tissue and a solution is injected into the body to numb and prevent bleeding. Eventually the fat and anesthetic solution are expelled from the body through the holes. This device has an active immune system that stops when it comes in contact with adipose tissue, so the line of rupture of organs and skin burns reaches its lowest point.


Who are the right candidates for lipomatic surgery?

They have a firm and large abdomen.

Do not achieve the desired result through diet and exercise.

Time is important to them and they want to reach their desired weight as soon as possible.

They want to have a constant weight forever and not gain weight after lipomatics.

They are mentally and physically healthy and do not have any particular problems.

People who are not overweight and have only a small amount of fat on the sides and thighs who decide to have a slim and beautiful body.

People with localized obesity, which means that fat has accumulated in a certain area of ​​the body. For example, in the chin, arm, abdomen, thighs, legs, and shoulders.

People who have fat left under their abdomen after losing weight, or when their abdomen melts, they have side fat left and have no way to get rid of it.

If people can follow a healthy diet and avoid high-calorie and fatty foods that cause them to gain weight, they will never become obese. And do not fluctuate; People who are not permanently obese and thin and have been obese for a long time are suitable for this surgery.

Who is not suitable for lipomatic surgery?

It all depends on the opinion and scientific diagnosis of the specialist. Also, patients' conditions and expectations are different. Therefore, patients should attend the counseling session. In this session, complications, risks, and postoperative care are described. Sometimes a photograph is taken of the patient to illustrate the picture. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe tests for a person before having liposuction.

In addition to people with obesity, hemophiliacs should avoid this procedure. In lipomatic surgery, you bleed a lot and this is dangerous for hemophiliacs. Avoid surgery, if you have an infectious disease and your immune system is weak; Unless tested, diagnosed and examined by a specialist.


Embolic risk in lipomatics

Lipomatic, which is one of the body cosmetic surgeries, is used in many countries. This is a new method of removing body fat that allows the transfer of fat to other tissues of the body. Many people with lipomatic surgery, in addition to having a smooth and beautiful abdomen, also you will have a well-shaped buttock, because with the amazing feature of lipomatic, the removed fats can be transferred to other tissues of the body. The method of skin id done easily. This significant amount is seen in slimming the abdomen, legs, and arms. This method removes the excess fat, after which the skin is not smooth and burns. And there is no or very little risk of embolism.

But it should definitely be noted that if the doctor has checked all the necessary items and performed the necessary tests before surgery. It is true that lipomatic slimming is a great way to get rid of fat, but you should note that this operation should be performed by a specialist surgeon. Many clinics these days do this with the help of technicians, even if these types of surgeries do not require general anesthesia but require to be done by a surgeon.

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